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                                                           Huang Qing Yuan 黄清元   1944 -

The background music playing is Huang Qing Yuan and The Melodians singing Man Li from 1966. It is 320 kbps which is high mp3 quality mp3. If you wish to stop this music, please go to the foot of this page and adjust the small player accordingly.


  Huang Qing Yuan  at You Tube


 Huang Qing Yuan and The Melodians - Man Li  1966


I have heard several versions of Man Li, and this one has to be the best, released in Singapore on the Happy label, as a 45rpm EP in 1966. Huang Qing Yuan was born in Singapore in 1944. He released 4 albums of A Go Go music and Garage Rock with local legends The Stylers from 1966-1970. Man Li was his defining moment, as well as being one of Chinese Pop Music's best loved songs. The combination of  Huang Qing Yuan the 'crooner' and the nifty rock musicians who worked with him was very effective.

Man Li was based on Wang Luobin's Xinjiang folk song written in 1939. You see him in the video during the guitar break, with guitar and hat, and at the end you see his statue. It seemed only right to include him in the video! Wang Luobin (1913-1996) was a renowned Han Chinese songwriter who collected hundreds of Folk Songs. He specialized in composing Mandarin-language songs based on the music of various ethnic minorities in western China. Capricorn Ox has a capacity for work like no other person.

Man Li is a Kazakh Folk Song telling the sad story about two lovers in Mongolia during the time of the Sino-Japanese war. It was part of an unstaged musical drama "The Mongolia Youth Anti-Japanese War march"