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                                                               Na Ying  那英  August 13, 1966


Na Ying 那英, sometimes known as Natasha Na was born in Shenyang, Liaoning of Manchu ethnicity on the 27 November 1967. She is considered to be one of the best present-day female singers in Mainland China, having sold more than 10 million albums. She is also noted for her buoyant and forthright personality

She became a member of the Liaoning Juvenile Broadcasting Chorus in 1979, and the Shenyang Singing and Dancing Troupe in 1983. Na won several national singing contests in the 1980s, and received vocal training from the famous composer Gu Jianfen 谷建芬. She began her recording career in 1988 in  Taiwan and Hong Kong. She released her first album in 1994 called "Dreaming with you". After that she published more successful albums, turning into one of the most popular mandopop artists of Mainland China.

At the 1998 Spring Festival Gala show, Na Ying sang a duet "Meet in '98" (相約一九九八) with her friend Faye Wong. Faye had already achieved fame in Hong Kong and elsewhere, but the performance with Na brought her to superstar status in China itself. Na Ying had a relationship with Chinese footballer Gao Feng and a son by him, but they separated in 2005. She married Meng Tong in 2006, having a daughter in 2007.

She devoted time to her family and children from 2002 to 2009, but never quit the stage, and had a prominent role at the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. At the close of 2009 she performed the concert "20 Years of Na", a retrospective of her stage career, at the Capital Gymnasium. Although her 2009 single "The Journey of Love" topped the charts wherever it was released, her early song "Follow Your Instinct" remains her favourite. After nearly nine years away, Na returned to the music scene in 2011, releasing a new album called So...What?. The album reached No.1 position in both mainland China and Taiwan.

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                                  Conquer  征服

                              Sell  出賣

                  No Matter What 不管有多苦

 If The Mountain Doesn't Spin The Water Will 山不转水转-那英 
























Zhàn zài shǔyú wǒ de jiǎoluò  Standing belong to my corner
jiǎzhuāng zìjǐ zhǐshìgè guòkè    Pretend to be just passing through
wǒ de xīn zài rénqún zhōng shǎnduǒ My heart dodge in the crowd
bù dǒng wǒmen zhī jiān zhè fèn zhēnqíng I do not understand this truth between us
fànle shénme cuò They went
ruò nǐ bùshì nǐ If you have not you
ér wǒ bùshì wǒ And I am not my
nà yòu duō kuàilè The addition of Happy
bùguǎn yǔ nǐ de lù yǒu duō kǔ  No matter how hard the road with you
wǒ zhǐ xiǎng yào yǒngyǒu zuìhòu de zhùfú I just want to have a final blessing
zài duō de shānghài wǒ dū bùzàihū No amount of damage I do not care
yuàn nǐ wǒ zhēngtuō yīqiè de shùfù I wish you all break the shackles
bùguǎn yǔ nǐ de lù yǒu duō kǔ No matter how hard the road with you
cā gān yǎnlèi gàosù zìjǐ bù zhǔn kū Wiped away tears told myself not cry
wǒ bùpà shuí shuō zhè shì gè cuòwù Who says I'm afraid this is a mistake
zhǐyào nǐ wǒ jiānchí yǒng bù rènshū As long as you insist I will never throw in the towel