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                                                                         THE RACES

The Races and the Hunters came together with the marriage of Sarah Race and Alexander Boddie Hunter. Race Hunter carried both names and my mother,Ina Elizabeth Race Hunter also. When Jane Race married James Horner in 1815, the Races and the Horners were similarly linked.Their son Joseph Race Horner carried both names. Consequently, when Franz Hunter married Ione Chaddock-Lowndes in 1922, granddaughter of Joseph, the above family links were complete.
The Races manufactured cloth in Horbury for centuries whilst the Horners lived in nearby Wakefield. My mother Ina grew up in Horbury where I spent many a summer holiday, and both she and her brother Alastair have Race in their names. Ina Elizabeth Race Hunter and Alastair Lowndes Race Hunter. Other relatives also have Race incorporated into their names but the most shining example was Race Hunter, himself, the eldest son of Sarah and Alexander Hunter.
The Races have been established in Horbury,West Yorkshire for centuries. It has also been the home for several of the Hunters. Horbury is located some two miles west of the historic city of Wakefield, close to the M1 motorway, set upon a hill overlooking the valley of the River Calder. In the Domesday Book it was called Orberie. It has a number of  notable medieval and Georgian buildings such as Horbury Hall, Nether Hall and Carr Lodge. The latter has a large public park.  St Peter & St Leonard’s Church records provide us with many of the baptisms,marriages and burials referred to here. Its 19th century curate, Sabine Baring-Gould wrote the words of the famous hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers”. Novelist Stan Barstow was born here.
Richard Race 1659
Our branch of the Races can be traced back to Richard Race of Altofts, a village six miles from Horbury with Wakefield in between them. He was born in 1659 and settled in Horbury with his wife Ann Abbott. They had married on the 4th of May 1680. Richard and Ann had four children. Their eldest son, Richard, only lived to be thirteen. Elizabeth was born in 1681 and Ann in 1686 but no records have been found of marriages for them. Their youngest child, Joshua,was born in 1688 and baptised on the Ist of January 1689.It is he and his descendents who we must now follow.
Joshua Race 1688 - 1736
Joshua was a clothier by trade. There was a thriving wool industry in the area and Joshua and his family would have seen to all the stages of cloth-making up to the finishing. Then he would have taken his cloth to market and sold it to the cloth finishers. He also leased a small farm which was common practice among clothmakers with anything up to 15 acres. Poultry,pigs, a cow and an ass were usually kept. He may have employed outside weavers if business was good. This was,of course,several decades before the industrial revolution.