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Reply Yvonne Keeping
12:44 PM on January 26, 2020 

It is a miserable Sunday and for some reason I remembered a story my old head told us that she was related to Jack Horner who sat in the corner and I decided to see if I could discover if it was true!!  Her name was Dorothea Grace Cockerell and first I ascertained her mother was a Clara Blanche Horner and took it from there.  I came across your site and thought you might be interested although I have no proof obviously.  It was obviously a family story but then again my maiden name was Spencer and my American relatives are convinced we are related to Lady Diana Spencer!!

Reply Tina Hall
7:46 PM on December 20, 2019 

Hi Chris.  First, thank you for this fascinating and very informative website.  I happened upon it whilst researching the names contained in a 1918 Conveyance which I was transcribing for someone.  Amongst the names were Chaddock and Chaddock-Lowndes.  Also a Cartwright family which I feel sure must be connected to the Cartwrights you mention, although I have not yet tracked down the link but I think I can provide a link between your Chaddock family and your Cartwright family.  Please contact me if you would like more information as I think it might add to your own research. 

Reply Jane Carver
8:01 AM on April 7, 2019 

just wonderful :)

Reply J. Crawford
9:05 PM on March 15, 2018 
Hello, I'm a distant cousin through the Boddie-Munro line.You seem to be doing some original research on my family which I've found on Ancestry. I'm the great grandson of Alexander Crawford 1865-1924. Are you interested in photos and info.
Reply Cao ji zi
10:40 PM on March 9, 2018 
Hello, we are students of Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, and we are currently producing graduation themed productions. The animation shows the history of puppet shows. We are in the post-production stage and have found your music in music We would like to ask if we can use it. We searched for "". I hope to increase the power of video through music. My email address is [email protected] Thank you
Reply Catherine Delahunty
11:02 PM on June 9, 2017 
Enjoying the webpage - well done and love the music! Extended Roughan links via John & Margaret O'Brien (of Lawrence, NZ) married 1866
Reply Gary Frank Allison
6:42 AM on April 26, 2017 
Hi. I have Richard Race b. 1664 Horbury with a sibling named Joshua. Cheers, Gary Australia.
Reply Tony Simcock
2:46 AM on March 3, 2017 
Sorry, I made a mistake in my last sentence, reading your account of Thomas Chaddock Lowndes made me realise ... Mrs Chaddock returned not to Ramsdell but to Old House Green [Farm] while as you say the Williamson sons clung on to Ramsdell Hall (in desperation doubtless, after being so fabulously wealthy - did you know their mining empire went bankrupt in the 1880s?!)
Reply Tony Simcock
2:06 AM on March 3, 2017 
I don't know how to tell you this, it's going to break your heart, but Ramsdell Hall had no connection to the Lowndes family (except for being next door to their house, Old House Green) until William Lowndes purchased it about 1815/20 ... He purchased it from Henry Dobbs, who owned it by virtue of marrying Elizabeth heiress of Thomas Cartwright (d.1794), the last of a line of Cartwrights who had lived on the site (next-door to the Lowndeses) since at least the 17th century ... The builder of Ramsdell Hall in its present form must have been his father Ralph Cartwright (1690-1778), of Newcastle-under-Lyme & Old House Green [OHG is the name of the hamlet containing the two mansions, as well as of the Lowndes house, now Old House Green Farm] ... William Lowndes lived at Ramsdell from the time of purchasing it until inheriting Old House Green [Farm] from his brother, when he moved into the smaller house and leased Ramsdell to the Williamsons ... After his death in 1844 Old House Green [Farm] was rented out to tenant farmers ... Mrs Chaddock of course returned to live at Ramsdell for the last decade or so of her life, after ousting the Williamsons ... Sorry about all this!
Reply HILLYARD Hunter
9:35 PM on August 6, 2016 
Thank you for your very informative website. I have only been able to trace a small amount of my Scottish family tree because my access to scottish records is limited. My branch of the tree comes from Williamina HILLYARD. One small correction is that Williamina's first son Adam continued to live with her. Thank you again.