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                                                                         Băng Châu  August 1,1950

Bang Chau, real name, Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai, was born on August 1, 1950 in Ba Ria, then returned to Tra On, then grew up in Can Tho. She was the third child of ten. During her teens, she sang in various youth choirs. Then, in 1970, Chau Ky and Duy Khanh introduced her to the music industry, and she sang with their bands, and recorded for their record labels. In 1971, Nho Nhau Hoai was her first recording, and Qua Con Me became her first big hit. Also in 1971, Film Director Le Dan saw her on television, and so Băng Châu made her first film, Trần Thị Diễm Châu, which turned her into an overnight star. Truong Toi (1973) Bon Thuy Thu So Ma (1974) and Nam Vua He Ve Lang (1974) followed. In 1977, Moi Tinh Dau (First Love) was her last film made in Vietnam.
In 1978, Băng Châu left Saigon, and moved to Utah, USA, and then, permanently, to Southern California. She recorded for overseas Vietnamese Music labels such as Lang Van, Thuy Anh etc and performed weekly at Vietnamese cabarets such as Maxim's and Caravelle in Orange County. During the 1980s, she appeared in cải lương (Southern Vietnamese Opera) video productions for Thuy Nga Paris. Her acting career continued, Share Phong Lon - Share Tinh Lam (1994) Thời Hùng Vương 18 (1995) and she also co-hosted with Quoc Thai, a Vietnamese language radio talk show called Saigon Cali Radio Hai Ngoai. Still looking as beautiful as ever, Băng Châu is also the happy mother of two children.

                 Happy 70th Birthday, Băng Châu

Bang Chau's birthday party took place intimately and meaningful with the participation of many colleagues such as: Singer Huong Lan, Singer Phuong Hong Que, Singer Trang Thanh Lan, Singer Nhu Quynh, MC Jimmy Nhut Ha… Because she is still in a period of social separation, she is only happy to be happy with her new age with confidant relatives and colleagues. The singer was touched by the feelings of her colleagues for her.

          Sau Co Do   4m 53
      Mot Lan Ra Di - 5m 07
    Đêm trao kỷ niệm 4m 35 = Qua Con Me   4m 42 ... talk 2m 40  = Thu ve em gai thanh do  5m 30 = Chuyện Tình Không Suy Tư  Asia 3  4m 50
chieu duong do thi  4m 53 (click title)
chuyen tinh kong doan ket  4m 30  Thư về em gái Thành Đô 12 scs  5m 20 = 5m06