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                                Chyi Yu  齐豫  1957 - 

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Chyi was born on October 17, 1957 in Taichung, Taiwan, the elder sister of Taiwanese singer-songwriter Chyi Chin齊秦. She studied at National Taiwan University Department of Anthropology, and was one of the leading lights in the Taiwan Campus Folk Movement.  Countryside Paths was her award-winning first recording in 1978. One of her many ventures outside music was in 1997, when she was invited to serve as the "World Vision" 1997 Hunger Ambassador, on behalf of Taiwan Asia, going to Africa to visit refugees. 

 In 2002, Chyi converted to Buddhism, following a trip to Tibet. She then released four albums featuring Buddhist chants. "If pop music can sooth people's moods, then spiritual music can comfort our souls." Known for her signature Bohemian style of dressing, Chyi has also been described as "China's Enya" Nowadays, she lives in Beijing with her rock-star turned pop-singer younger brother Chyi Chin. 

In 2008, at the age of 51, she announced her final live concert, "The reason is simple: singers hold solo concerts because they have the ambition to propel their career to a higher level. I'm living a peaceful life now, devoting my time to Buddhism. I think this concert will draw a perfect conclusion to my career." She added ""God gave me a good voice, but I'm not active enough. I am not a planner and I sing as I like. Singing has always been my hobby, not a means of living ... Quitting solo performing doesn't mean my farewell to the stage. I will continue to perform as a guest singer in my friend's concerts or for charity events."

She says that the most memorable moment is life is a child receiving its first haircut.

                                            Chyi Yu's Early Albums