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                 Fong Fei Fei    凤飞飞  1953 - 2012

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Fong Fei Fei was born Lin Qiu Luan on August 20th, 1953 in  Dasi Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. She started her career by acting and hosting a Taiwanese television series back in 1971. Her first single was released the same year, and album deals and more television appearances followed, making her a household name. She was further propelled to superstardom in the late 1970s when she started singing movie theme songs for the adaptations of romance novels by Chiung Yao

She was nicknamed "The Hat Diva" because she always wore different kind of stylish hats while on the stage. Fong was also cast in several movies and TV dramas in the 1970s and 1980s and hosted a number of entertainment shows. In 1980, she married Hong Kong businessman Zhao Hongqi (趙宏琦), who died of lung cancer in 2009 at the age of 70. Fong spent the last ten years of her life in Hong Kong. She recorded 81 albums in all, and continued performing even as her health deteriorated. She cancelled a concert in June 2011 after finding something wrong with her vocal cords. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fong apologized to her fans, and said that the doctors had recommended she rest for a year to recuperate.

On January 3, 2012, Fong Fei Fei died at the age of 58, but the news was only reported on February 13, by her attorney per her request to keep her illness and death out of the press until all of her funeral arrangements were settled. She had wanted to keep everything low-key, as well as not interrupt people's Lunar New Year preparations. Her web site said that Fong Fei Fei had insisted on personally signing birthday and New Year cards for fans, even during the last month of her life. She thanked her fans for supporting her throughout her career. "I have lived a happy and wonderful life," she said. "Thank you for being by my side all this time, my brothers and sisters. As for the songs I never got to sing in this life, I will sing them to you in my next life." A very special lady indeed.

Please visit her beautiful website - Thank you.

                                                        Fong Fei Fei's Early Albums

Dream Catcher  追夢人 3m48                 Eighteen Girls, One Flower  4m01                 Maple Leaf Love   3m 37

35th Anniv  20 secs in to 5m19 (5m)          Fly With You (clear vid )  5m 16                   Calling ( talk first)  4m 45

Love Ringtones (Christmas) 3m 13     Wild Geese in the forest (Cstms) 3m 19                   Applause  4m 52 

              14 mins TV talk & sing                        Little Flower of Tears  1m17                               Jasmine  3m 27
Whispers of the Pine Forest 3m13
          Dream Catcher  3m 51
            walk gracefully  4m 58
hazy moon hazy bird   2m 49
Warm Current  2m 52
Dreams are hard to keep   2m58
Dreams are hard to keep   2m58
               concert 2h 13m
         Yun Fei Fei  3m 13    04m 50 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 01 of 10) 

1m 27 - 4m 50  ( 3m 23 ) Forever My Love     14m 13 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 02 of 10) 

8secs - 05m .10 ) ( 5 m )  TV Host talk + song      12m 37 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 03 of 10) 

0m30secs - 3m 06  ( 2m 36 ) song tv  3m36 - 7m 58 TV song (3m08) + talk audience 7m58 - 9m (1m) song

9m 25 - 11m 09  ( 1m 44) song     8m 18 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 04 of 10) 

0.30 - 3m 03 ( 2m 30 ) Love you more than I can say 3m 03 - 4m 10 ( 1m07 ) Rhythm Falling Rain ... 4m26-5m25

cont of Rhythm ( 2m 07 = total of song ) straight into Oh Susanna - 5m 26 - 07.57 ( 2m 30 )    7m 34 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 05 of 10) 

0m 45 - 2m 50 ( 2m ) song - talk - then song 3m 56 - 6m 26 ( 2m 30 )        Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 06 of 10) 

1m08 - 2m58 ( 1m 50 ) = song location + talk holdg a 7 card -  3m00 - 6m25 ( 3m 25 ) = song              6m31 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 07 of 10) 

35 secs - 4m 29  ( 3m54 ) sing on location  5m06 - 6m 14 ( 1m 08 ) talking in red jacket          14m 32 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 08 of 10) 

1m08 - 4m 18 ( 3m 10song location seashore -2nd song there 3m 10ish - 7m 31 ( 4m 20 )  7m31 - 8.16  (45 secs) = talk in red jacket  8m57- 13m28  ( 4m 31 ) song         6m 24 Forever Feng Fei Fei (Part 09 of 10) 

32 secs w. anor lady award - into song  ends at  2m 33 ( 2m )  4m04 = odd bits of doc