My Family History

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                                                             Giao Linh     Sept 8, 1949

Giao Linh was born on September 8, 1949 in Saigon. She had seven siblings. She is often referred to by the Vietnamese press as "The Melancholy Queen". She loved singing as a child, encouraged by her mum. Her singing career started in 1966 after winning a competition. Nguyen Van Dong guided her now, and he encouraged her to study classical music for 2 years.
Giao Linh was busy recording and performing, and her 1971 Son Ca 6 album remains a masterpiece. In 1982, she moved to Canada to reunite with her family. The "Linh" noodle shop in Toronto was the main source of income. She married Van Sang in 1987. She had known him since she was 17.
They later settled in San Jose, California. She sang in many places and recorded many tapes for music centers, including her Giao Linh Music Center in Westminster, California. In 2000, she returned to Vietnam to perform. She continues to sing, on stage and television, and help Vietnamese compatriots.


  Lỡ Chuyến Đò Ngang  1989  5m 13      Giao Linh    Thư Đô Thị  1990  4m 24               
Tiếng Xưa  1988 28 secs in - 4m11 = 3m43      Giao Linh - Xa vắng  4m 29        .