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                   Gong Qiuxia 龔秋霞  1916-2004

Gong Qiuxia ( Kung Chiu-Hsia )was one of the seven great singing stars of China in the 1930s/40s, along with Zhou Xuan. She was born Gong Sha Sha on Dec 4, 1916 in Jiangsu. Her grandmother was her main influence at home because her parents worked away from home alot. She attended the Shanghai Catholic Girl School, and showed a talent for drama and dance.  In 1929, aged fourteen, she travelled the country across Southeast Asia as part of the Shanghai Plum Flower Troupe. She became a favourite with the audiences with her enthusiastic tap dancing, and resonant singing voice. After five successful years, she returned to Shanghai in 1934.

In 1936 she made her first film "Father Mother Son Daughter", and was in over 100 films. Following her role in the 1937 film "Four Sisters", she got the nickname Big Sister, though many of her later roles were as the older 'mother-type' woman. She eventually became rather disappointed with this stereotype image of her. A most accomplished actress and singer, loved for her modesty and "gentle simplicity". Her fellow artists admired her as much as the general public did. It was no surprise that her husband, Hu Soul, should be a film director.

In May 1946, together with her husband, and Hu Rongrong (known as the Chinese Shirley Temple when she was younger), Gong organised three dance concerts at the Shanghai Lyceum Theatre. The same year,  she went to Hong Kong, and signed for the Greater China Film Company, shooting nearly 60 films with them. In 1949, like so many artists of the day, she left China, and moved to Hong Kong. In 1967, she and her husband moved to Taiwan Taipei suburb, but continued filming in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 1993, at the age of seventy-six, she was still active, participating in the Shanghai International Film Festival. Her husband died in 2000, but she wasn't well enough to attend his funeral. Gong died in Hong Kong on Sep 7, 2004 at the age of eighty-eight.

      Filmography (1936-1988)

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  New and Old on the Beach (1936)  Four Sisters (1937)  Always smile (1937)  Lucky money(1937)  Strange Case in an Ancient Pagoda (1937) 

                The orphan save the mother in mind (1938) The Night of terror (1938) The Phantom of tears (1939)

 Little Heroine (1939) happy couple ( 1941) the flower of the earth (1941) flower splash tears (1941) Gun Chiang Toh (1941) Roses in Bloom (1942)

  Night specter (1942) Only we'd meet, never married (1942) Love sisters (1942)  Clouds cover on (1942)

Daughter of resentment (1943)    Loser (1943)   Rapids (1943)  Dark and dreary, Japan, longer, Jinghua dreams (1943)  Kay wind (1943)

10000 update (1945) The flower of the earth (1945)

  Gone Are the Swallows When the Willow Flowers Wilt (1946) ... Mei Yu      Heaven and Hell (1947) ... Bingbing   

  You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947) ... Bihua's mother       The Pangs of Love (1947) ... Zhu Meimei   

  The Debts of Love (1948)         Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)    The Remorseful Rich (1948) ... Sun Shuzhen  

  An Unfaithful Woman (1949) ... Xu Shu-Hua   The Unmarried Mother (1949) ... Ye Changhua   Blood-Stained Begonia (1949) ... Madam Liu   

  A Strange Woman (1950)      Home Sweet Home (1950)   The Insulted and the Injured (1950) ... Jiang's wife   The Flower Street (1950) 

   A Night-Time Wife (1951) ... Manager Xu    Nonya (1952) ... Binghong's mom   Unknown Father (1952)   The Stormy Night (1952)                       

   Modern Red Chamber Dream (1952)     Ode to Youth (1953)     Aren't the Kids Lovely? (1953)    Keep Your Chin Up (1953)                   

  Rainbow Rhythms (1953)   Festival Moon (1953   Parents' Love (1953) ... Mrs Jiang     Day Dream (1953) ... Mrs Ma

  The Peerless Beauty (1953)    Marriage Affair (1953) ... Xinhui   Till We Meet Again (1954)   Flight of a Pair of Swallows (1954)                    

  Joyce and Deli (1954) ... Mrs Lu  Tales of the City (1954) ... Mrs Fang   It So Happens to a Woman (1955)   Irreparable (1955)                   

  Loves of the Youngsters (1955) ... Md Yan    Full House (1955) ... Aunt       Year In, Year Out (1955) ... Mother    

  She Swallowed Her Sorrows (1956) ... Ah Xia    Apartment for Women (1956) ... Cheung Yee  To Marry or Not to Marry (1956)                     

  Troubles of the Bachelors (1957)     Whither Spring? (1957) ... Mrs Zhu     The Outsider (1958) ... Mrs Li

  Those Bewitching Eyes (1958) ... Mrs Yan      Miss Fragrance (1958) ... Mrs Cen     Love's Miracle (1958)              

  The Nature of Spring (1958) ... Mrs Bei      An Unmarried Mother (1958)     Feast of a Rich Family (1959)      In the Age of Blooming Teen (1959)   

A Seaside Village (1959)   Flowers and Cheers (1959)     Love Affairs of a Confirmed Bachelor (1959) ... Ding Huiying    

A Well-to-Do Family (1959)     Seventeen (1960)    The Eternal Love (1960) ... Ms Ye      Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1960)         

Comedy of 100 Girls (1960)       The Lady Racketeer (1961) ... Mrs Zhuang     The Unseparated (1961)      A Night to Remember (1961)               

 Thunderstorm (1961)      Two Ideal Couples (1962)       Between Vengeance and Love (1963) ... Yinzhu's mom      Lau Hai Meets Fairies (1963)              

The Happy Family (1964)             Three Charming Smiles (1964) ... Mrs Hua      A Happy Reunion (1964) ... Mrs Wu    The Lost Pearl (1965)              

  A Time to Remember (1966)       That Certain Age (1966)     Ying Ku (1967)        Pillar of Society (1968)           Oh, the Spring Is Here (1968)              

  The Ghost Hill (1971)      The Decisive Battle (1972)      The Brothers (1972)        The Hand (1973)        

 The Bodyguard (1974) ... Shu Yu Chun's mother         It's All in the Family (1975) ... Shu Fen       The Reporter (1979)      Gangs (1988)