My Family History

Trace your ancestors and then immortalise them!

                   Hale Ebrahimi - 2nd August 1970

I first met Hale, or Pishi, as I cam to know her in my Paltalk Astrology room in January 2011. Pishi was so enthusiastic about Astrology, and came with a great knowledge of both Eastern and Western Astrology. Particularly Persian Astrology. Rarely had I met such an enthusiastic, bubbly personality but underpinning it all was a serious, commitment towards Astrology, and she kept everyone on their toes in this respect. Her first email to me, following her visit to my room, was so colourful that the words literally jumped off the page! I had never read such before. Amazing thoughts and comments. Her Happy Birthday phone calls in 2011 and 2012 were wonderful, and her voice was one of the most articulate and sweetest that I have ever heard.

Pishi was born on August 2nd, 1970 in Iran. Both leo and Metal Dog year are so appropriate for her. Her sparkling, inspirational persona is so very Leo, and her determination and commitment to cause are so typical of the Metal Dog Year. When she gets her teeth into something, Pishi does not let go! Plus in Tehran, her vocation was rescuing dogs!!  She became the first ever true supporter of my songs and recordings. If I didn't play any into the room, Pishi would reprimand me. Our room lasted throughout 2011, and 2012. But Pishi was clearly suffering physically from a bone disorder, and would lie down during the second half of the room's 3 hour session. 

 Missing you so much Pishi. The first real friend I knew at Paltalk, and maybe the first real friend I ever knew.

                                   And here  is Hale's very own garden.  How beautiful it is!

Darya Dadvar - Strangers in the night 3m15 Darya Dadvar-Shabam Tarik  4m48 Darya Dadvar - Jinge Jân 3m 25  
Googoosh - Gol Bi Goldoon  start at 50 secs - 4m48
Googoosh - Man Amadeam  4m 29 

Googoosh - makhloogh  3m 51

Mohsen Yeganeh  Man  4m 36

Darya Dadvar  Baz Bahar  3m 50

Darya Dadvar  Yare Esavi  5m 07