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                              Hán Hóng   韩红   26 September 1971

Hán Hóng was born Yangchen Drolma on 26 September 1971 in Tibet. Her mother, Yongxi, was a well-known Tibetan singer, and her Chinese father, Han Baolai, was an actor in a song and dance troupe. Han was choir singing from the age of 5. Her father died when Han was 6, and her mother found it hard to take care of her because of her own career commitments. So at the age of 9, Han was sent to Beijing to live with her grandmother and uncle. She joined the children's choir in 1980, and received formal training. In 1987, she entered the performance team of the Second Artillery Command of the People's Liberation Army. Her uncle was particularly supportive of Han's singing aspirations.

In 1995, she was admitted to Li Shuangjiang, a music department of the PLA's Academy of Art. Han was soon winning singing awards as well as writing songs – often for others to sing. On September 16th, 1998, Han Hong’s first solo album, Snowy Rays, was launched. In 1999, she adopted a boy named "Han Houhou". Awards and musical invitations continued to pour in. In April 2000, Han attended the world leaders' summit held in Hawaii, USA, and funded the leadership of delegations from the education foundation for children's health in Tibet. Here was a very talented young lady whose songs and conduct showed how much she cared for people and their welfare, particularly children and their health.

In 2005, Han released her momentous 5th album "Touched" but it was also the year that her dear grandmother passed away. In 2008, she performed at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony the 2008, and at the Summer Paralympics opening ceremony on September 5, 2008. On April 26, 2009, she was specially recruited into the Civil Affairs Department of the Political Department of the Air Force, as deputy head. On May 12, 2015, she formally announced her farewell to the troops and also expressed her dismayed feelings for leaving the troops. She has now established her own record label to train and help singers. The list of charities that Han has started or supported is too numerous to list here. Her donations are matched only by the time and energy she personally gives to each. Han Hong is both a wonderful singer and a wonderful human being. It's a privilege to share one of her beautiful songs.