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                                                      Hoàng Oanh   27 Jan 1950 -
Hoang Oanh,real name Huynh Kim Chi, was born in My Tho (about 45 miles southwest of Saigon) on 27 January in either 1946 or 1950, but grew up in Saigon. She did perform at the Vietnam-South Vietnam Student Club in Lausanne, Switzerland in early 1969 which suggests that 1950 was her birth year. Apparently, she is yet to be interviewed or publish memoirs of what must have been a fascinating life.

Hoang was one of 6 girls whose father took a major role in their education. She was encouraged to develop her artistic skills, particularly dancing. She went to elementary school in Phu Nhuan, and began singing at the age of 5, performing on stage by the age of 8 at Thu Duc School of Music singing two songs. Hoang also participated in the Children's Committee of Trong Lieu, the Green Youth of Kieu Hanh and the Vietnamese children of Nguyen Duc. Her family did not allow her to sing in tea rooms or discotheques, but only in concerts. She graduated from the University of Saigon as a bachelor of literature. Her dream of being a teacher was replaced by the singing profession. Soon she was appearing in many prestigious radio and music programs.

Hoang became one of the most recorded female singers of her era, and during her career, she recorded more than 200 records for Asia, Wave, Vietnam, Son Ca, Tiantai, Continental, etc. She composed songs, and often recited poetry before she sang. She Left Vietnam for the USA on April 28, 1975, two days before the Fall of Saigon. She first settled in a city near New Jersey, but later moved to California. She opened a music centre: "How to preserve the traditional culture and nourish Vietnamese souls in the Vietnamese community as well as in the overseas musicians' class". She became as loved and admired in her new country as she had been in Vietnam. She is still compiling, editing and distributing her classic recordings from Fountain Valley, California.

        Hai Vì Sao Lạc  4m30

Ngày Trở Về (ASIA 21)1998 4m54

Chuyện Một Chiếc Cầu Đã Gãy - ASIA 11 8m55
Trộm Nhìn Nhau - Hoàng Oanh  Asia 16  5m 57

w. Trung Chỉnh - Hạnh Phúc Đầu Xuân  PBN 85  20 secs - 5m 10 = 4m50

Nửa Đêm Biên Giới - Hoàng Oanh  Asia 15  30 secs -5m 30 = 5m
Câu Chuyện Đầu Năm  Asia 39  4m 28  Tiếng Xưa  Ancient Lang 12 s-4m03 = 3m50     Quê Mẹ  Motherland 6m46

         Nhớ Nhau Hoài   3m26

Chúc Tết Xuân Mậu Tuất 2018  New Year  1m32