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                                                                 Lệ Thu    16 July 1943 - 15 Jan 2021
Lệ Thu, real name Cecilia Bui Thi Oanh, was born on July 16, 1943 in Hai Phong, but after a few months, her parents moved to Ha Dong, Hanoi. Her father was a provincial chief, so he moved frequently. Her mother gave birth to 8 children, but 4 died young. Le Thu's parents encouraged her to sing. Le Thu thought fate had given her "a career in singing", though she always dreamed of becoming a teacher. In 1953, her family to moved to Saigon. In 1959 during a visit to Bong Lai teahouse, her friends encouraged her to sing, and a career began.

In addition to the domestic songs, she sang alternatively American and French music when audiences requested. Gradually, Le Thu became famous for being an important singer of big discos in Saigon, such as Queen Bee, Freedom and Ritz. In 1968, Le Thu collaborated with Jo Marcel at Queen Bee dance hall. As well as singing every night, she also signed a recording contract for Jo Marcel, starting the most glamorous period of her singing life.

After 1975, Le Thu joined the Diamond Group to perform. Around 1978, Le Thu opened a coffee shop Thu Uyen on Phan Ton and Tan Dinh streets in collaboration with Thanh Lan and musician Le Van Thien. She flew to the top in her singing career but was unhappy in love. She married when she was 19 years old and the marriage quickly broke up after only 2 months. Another marriage also failed but 3 daughters, and 4 lovely, grandchildren kept her very happy as did her audiences. Le Thu has lived in southern California since 1980, releasing lots of music tapes and collaborating with major music centers in the United States. Each year she returns to Vietnam to perform once in about 2 months. Le Thu said that her life work was to sing to people. 

Le Thu passed away from Covid  on 15 January 2021, at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center, Fountain Valley, California. The messages left on You Tube Video threads were a testimony to the love and respect felt for her by Vietnamese people. Her goodness and humility were a common theme in these messages. Le Thu was a very special singer but even more, she was a very special human being. 
Xin Còn Gọi Tên Nhau 0.24 in 6m      Mắt lệ cho người  duet  4 secs in 4m51   Giáng Ngọc  1988  5m33 + 1 min talk
Thung lũng chim bay  1987  4m 17  

THUYỀN VIỄN XỨ  3m54 (10 sec in)

       Nước Mắt Mùa Thu  3m 35

Nước Mắt Mùa Thu PBN 72  4m 41

     HƯƠNG XƯA  ASIA 28 4m 55

    Nửa Hồn Thương Đau   4m58
  Bài Tình Ca Mùa Đông    1m 47             Người Tình không Chân Dung                 Da Khuc   3m26 in to end = 4m 08

                                                                        1m13 in - 5m 13 = 4m00 (great)