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                                                                   Liu Yun  劉韻 1941 - now

 Liu Yun was known as the Queen of "Hsiao Diao" (小調歌后). She was born in 1941 and is the younger sister of Shardan by three years and the elder sister of Hua Wa. She continues to perform occasionally in concerts in Malaysia. She was known for her interpretations of  Zhou Xuan songs – Fisherman's Daughter being a good example- and she worked on many film soundtracks as well as recording her own albums. In 1957, she won a prestigious singing competition with the song "Bee Box"and in 1958 began her recording career with EMI.

Her first LP was "You Are Always In My Heart" [1960] on the Sepia/New Century label. Somewhat of a 'lost' album until its re-release on Nov 10, 2014. Altogether, she recorded 9 solo LPs and an EP, and has appeared on 4 soundtrack albums. She shares a Pathe album with her sister Shardan - Pathé 100: The Series 10, released in 2005 - and has the distinction of having 2 Legendary Chinese Hits compilation albums – released in 1992 and 1994. Her Love Bird LP has this promotional introduction " In this album, you will get to enjoy her crisp clear voice & a harmonious blend of traditional Chinese musical instrument with A-Go-Go tunes."  At the age of 33, she recorded her last solo LP "I Only Miss My Love" in 1974.