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                         Mei Tai (美黛) Feb 23,1939 – Jan 29,2018

Mei Tai was born in Taiwan, Taoyuan on February 23,1939. Her family were farmers in the hills. In 1956 she was an assistant at the People radio station. In 1957, she launched her singing career, and in 1960 entered the music scene in Taipei. She became the most popular singer in Taiwan, releasing over 40 albums. 14 of them made in her first 2 years of recording, between 1963 and 1965.

Mei Tai's vocals are a unique style of great skill and very individual characteristics. She is regarded as a "national treasure veteran singer" and an outstanding singer of classic Mandarin songs. Her recording of "Unforgettable Memories" is one of her many masterpieces. There is also an expression " Tai Mei"  which refers to a flamboyant Taiwanese female that often frequents nightclubs, bars, karaoke bars and lounges. Our Tai Mei frequented many recording studios, singing songs that will never be forgotten.

Alishan Girl is from Mei Tai's 1970 album on the Sino-US record label. It is based on the Taiwanese folk song "The Girl of Ali Mountain". The song title ranges from "The mountain is green" to "Alishan Girl". Ali Mountain is also known as Alishan Mountain, and lies in the mountainous region of central Taiwan. It has become quite a tourist attraction. In several indigenous Taiwanese languages "Alit" means "ancestor mountain". The girl belongs to one of the Malay origin tribes, the Tsou, which lives in this area of Taiwan. The song had been written for the 1965 film "The Lark" – sung by Carrie Koo Mei, and written by her brother Joseph Koo and Lin Qin.

Mei Tai died on January 29, 2018 aged 78.

Green is the high mountain Blue is the mountain stream
The girl of Ali Mountain is as pretty as the water
The boy of Ali Mountain is as strong as the mountain
Mountain forever green Water forever blue
The girl and the boy will never be parted
Like the blue water flows around the green mountain