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                           Phương Dung   1946 - 

Phương Dung, real name Phan Phuong Dung, was born in 1946 in Go Cong, Tiền Giang Province to a well-off family. Her father was a monk. She moved to Saigon when she finished primary school and attended secondary school from 1958 to 1959. She started her singing career around 1960. At 17, she rose to fame after the success of the song "Nỗi buồn gác trọ" Phuong Dung was awarded the "Gold Award for Female Artists" in 1965. Bolero Music and Songs of the Homeland are her main interests.

During the mid-60s, she become one of the most beloved vocals for fashion music. From the countryside to the province, "White Go Cong Swallow" with her special singing almost conquered everyone. Phuong Dung was also among the familiar female singers of concert shows. She also regularly appeared in television programs and radio shows on both Military and Saigon stations.

In 1968, she married and gave up her music career for motherhood, having 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls. In 1977 the family moved to Australia and her 2 daughters followed in her musical footsteps. Phương Dung often participates in charity programs, and in recent years, has returned to Vietnam, to sing because "I am Vietnamese", always aspiring to return, yearning to sing for her homeland. In 2014, Phuong Dung was invited as judge for the music competition "Solo cùng Bolero" and has continued on the talent show.

She established the See The Light charity, helping patients and the poor in Vietnam by raising money to treat eye damage, building houses, schools. She still likes to pursue the artistic path. If not a singer, she will also become a musician or a writer or a film director. A person with a very sensitive soul, so easily touched, such as before good poetry that she belongs to. "I brought the earth into a wine, I took it wisely into my lips ..."

Những Đồi Hoa Sim   50 secs – 6m 25 = 5m 35
 Nỗi Buồn Châu Pha   0.22 secs – 4m 50 = 4m 30
       Tạ Từ Trong Đêm   3m 22

Hòa Bình Ơi, Việt Nam Ơi - w. Trung Chỉnh & Doanh Doanh  3m47

Hoài Thu - w.Trang Mỹ Dung  4m 40

 Phận Má Hồng | EM GÁI MƯA  4m49