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                                    Salisbury Road - Manor Park
                                   The Story of a House, a Road and its People

It's said that a branch of Pussy Willow lives forever in your home. I hope Willow Villa lives forever.

Opposite right is Morning Grace one of Willow Villa's first occupants during its current incumbency. Next to her is Willow Villa's original name, written on glass, above the front door. 

This is the story of a Road in East London and the people who lived here. I have lived here at Willow Villa since April 5th, 1994 when I bought 51, Salisbury Road. It is the only home that I have ever owned and I have spent nearly 29 happy years here. But what of the other people who have lived here? How were their lives in a house that I love so much. Having lots of information in the house deeds about former residents and owners, prompted me to explore further, beyond my own house. Now it has become the History of Salisbury Road itself, particularly as my house deeds refer to other houses in the road too. The most interesting feature being that the 6 houses before mine and the 3 houses after mine all have names beyond just numbers. The names of trees and flowers. When I first moved in, I had noticed above my front door, on a glass panel, the name 'Willow Villa', written in black paint. I wondered if all the houses in the road had such names. Without having access to the other houses' deeds, I cannot say. I will start by sharing these wonderful names. Each has Villa as the second part of the name.
39. Clova, 41. Laurel, 43. Lilac, 45. Beech, 47. Ash, 49. Pine, 51. Willow, 53. Linden, 55. Palm, and 57. Laburnam. 

Before we investigate these particular houses via the Censuses, let's look at the first houses built in Salisbury Road. The 1871 Census has two houses occupied - no.13 and no.15. No censuses show anything before 1871. The 1881 Census has 8 houses occupied (Nos 13-19). The 1891 Census has 16 houses occupied (Nos 5 to 19)  Now to look inside each home.

1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census - taken on the night of  2 April 1871. The total population was recorded as 26,072,036 million.

13, Salisbury Road

Eliza Edwards Walsh Wife - Female 30 1841 - Cornwall, England

George Fredk Walsh Son - Male 5 1866 - London, Middlesex, England

James Teuton Walsh Son - Male 2 1869 - London, Middlesex, England

Gertrude Mary Walsh Daughter - Female 0 1871 - Essex, England

Mary Edwards Aunt - Female 60 1811 - Cornwall, England

Mary Ann Gilbert Servant - Female 19 1852 - Essex, England

Please note that the number after the gender is their age on that night. The date after their age is an approximate year of birth, indicated by their age. Therefore, Eliza is assumed to have become 30 before the census date (2 April) Given that only 3 months have elapsed before April 2, and that there are still 9 months of the year to pass, it is statistically more likely that she will become 31 during those 9 months. Consequently, I disagree with the census' year of birth for Eliza. 1840 is more likely than 1841 - on a 4 to 1 probability (75%) Although the census does tell us that the year given is just an approximation, I am surprised that all censuses make what I would call a mis-approximation of the birth year. I might be 'splitting hairs' here but it can lead to birth years being out by one year, 75% of the time, in family trees. 

Of course, if you find the exact date of birth in an online document or the quarter born in a given year in a birth registration document, there is no problem. Just be careful when taking the birth year from a Census document, and consider taking the birth given as one year earlier. 
In the censuses I share, I will be omitting gender, children's surname if son or daughter, country and usually county for the sake of expediency and space. But I won't change the birth year estimates that the census gives. That's your decision. Children's places of birth help to show us the family's movement during the years. Finally where the census says wife, son etc it is referring to that person's relationship to the Head of House. Therefore, if it says Step-daughter, she will probably be the daughter of the Head of House's Wife by a previous marriage.
15, Salisbury Rd

George Welch Head -  28 1843 - Middlesex

Alice Mary Welch Wife -  22 1849 - Middlesex 

Note that some houses have two numbers. Nos 13 and 18 here have 2 numbers but in the next census, it's just one. No 14 has one number here but 3 in the next census. In the 1939 Register, No 57 has the Stott Family listed and then it says for No 57 " Nobody lived in this house in 1939." Maybe these houses have been partitioned into 2 or 3 parts with a different family/household living in each.

1881 England, Wales & Scotland Census - Salisbury Road  Taken on the night of Sunday 3rd April. Total Population 29,707,207 million.

Where it says East Ham, it probably means Manor Park (Salisbury Road) which was then part of East Ham.

13. Alfred Paultrey  Head  age 21  born.1860 in Bermondsey, Surrey. (General labourer)

Rebecca Paultrey  Wife   age 20   b.1861 in Bermondsey (Fancy box maker)

13  Richard Carter  Head age 68   b.1813  in  Warwick  (Commision agent) Louisa Carter Wife  age 27  b.1854  in  Westminster

14 Martin Osborne Head   29 1852  Pershore, Worcestershire (Stone mason) Clara Osborne   Wife  33  b.1848 in Ilford, 

Edith Cottrell  Daughter  11,  b.1870, Elijah  Son  9,  b.1872, Nellie J  Daughter  3   b.1878,  Martin Osborne Son 1,  b.1880. All born in Ilford.

Rosey Tzero    Boarder  0   b.1881 in Islington

15 Maria Green  Head  Widow  aged 80  b.1801 in Preston, Suffolk, Katherine M Green Daughter Single 48  b.1833  Suffolk (No occupation)

16 Samuel  Cosburn  Head  39  b.1842  in Chelsea (Monument letter cutter (mason)) Isabella  Cosburn  Wife  40  b.1841  in East Ham

Frank G  Son Single 17 1864, (Letter cutter (mason) ) Albert J Son 15 1866 - both born in Little Ilford, Clementine I , Daughter 13 1868 - b. West Ham, Florence E Daughter 12 1869, Wilfred R  Son 10 1871, Ethel L  Daughter 8 1873,  Daniel W  Son 6 1875, Ann E  Daughter 4 1877, Daisy R  Daughter  3 1878, Arthur S  Son  2 1879 and Eva D Daughter  0 1881. The last 8 children were all born in East Ham. 

17 Stephen Robinson  Head   33  b.1848 in Clerkenwell (Traveller) Elizabeth E Robinson Wife  29  b.1852 in Bloomsbury

Lizzie Daughter 2  b.1879 in Forest Gate,  Arabella M Daughter  0  b.1881 in East Ham

18  William Brewster Head  32   b.1849 in Corringham, Essex (House carpenter) Emma M Brewster Wife  30   b.1851 in Fobbing, Essex

Elizabeth A  Daughter 11, 1870, William F  Son 8, 1873, Herbert  Son 7, 1874, Emily M Daughter 3, 1878.  All born in Stanford Le Hope, Essex. 

Jane  Daughter 1, 1880 - b. East Ham, and Frederick J Brewster Son  0 1881 - b. East Ham.

18  Frederick A Gilloch  Head  26   b.1855 in Camden Town (Carpenter & joiner) Martha Gilloch  Wife   22   b.1859 in Henley on Thames

Martha E  Daughter 3  b.1878 in Henley on Thames, George Son 1  b.1880 in East Ham

19 Charles Crane - Head  34  b.1847 in Clerkenwell  (Bottle blower) Elizabeth Crane - Wife 32  b.1849 in Rotherhithe

Elizabeth A  -  Daughter 11  b.1870 , James  Son 10   b.1871  Both born in Bethnal Green

Eliza  Daughter  6  b.1875 , John A Crane Son  4  b.1877 Both born in Surrey, William Son  1   b.1880 in Little Ilford

                        1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census.  Taken on the night of Sunday 5th April. Total Population 33,015,701 million.

5, Edward Fishpool Head  38  b.1853 in Sporle, Norfolk (Bricklayer) Sarah Fishpool  Wife  33   b.1858  in Sporle (Dressmaker)

Eleanor  Daughter Single  15  b.1876 in Sporle (Dressmaker) Maria Daughter 12 1879 b. Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Sophia  Daughter 9   b.1882 in Essex, Marah  Daughter  6  b.1885 in Ilford, Edith  Daughter  5 - b.1886, Lilian Daughter  3 - b.1888, Robert Son 1,  b.1890, N K Fishpool Daughter 0 - b.1891. Last 4 children born in Manor Park.

6  John Carburn  Head   49   born.1842 in Chelsea (Wire mason)  Abigail Carburn  Wife   34   b.1857 in Rainham

John  Son  Single  17  b.1874 (Wire mason) Bertie  Son 11  b.1880, Beatrice Daughter  9 1882 ,Grace Daughter  2 1889 - All born in Manor Park

7  Elleyn McCarthy Head  52  born 1839 in Cork, Ireland (Police Pensioner)  Eliza McCarthy  Wife  43  born 1848 in Norfolk

Amelia C Daughter Single 16 1875 Domestic servant,  Anna M   Daughter  15  b.1876  Domestic servant. Both born in West Ham.

Elleyn C  Son  11  b.1880 , James W  Son  6  b.1885 , Christiana M  Daughter  3  b.1888, Sarah S  Daughter 2  b.1889, Evelyn E  Son  0 b.1891  All born in West Ham.

8  Charles Lewington Head  23  b.1868 Old Ford (Painter) Sabina Lewington  Wife  21   b.1870 in Southwick, Lilian  Daughter  6   b.1885, Essex

John Hill   Boarder  Married  45  b.1846 in York (Glass blower) Alice Hill   Boarder   Married   35   b.1856 in Mitcham

Alfred Shull Visitor Married 25  b.1866 in Middlesex (Boot maker) Alice Shull  Visitor  Married  24   b.1867 in Brixton, Emily Shull  Visitor  2  b.1889 in Manor Park.

12  Henry Quince Head   47   b.1844  in Surrey (Glass bottle maker)  Elizabeth Quince Wife  45 1846 in Surrey

Susie  Daughter  Single  19   b.1872 in Surrey (Horsehair weaver) Henry  Son  Single  18  b.1873 in Surrey (Glass bottle blower) 

Arthur  Son  15  b.1876 in Surrey  (Errand boy) Edward  Son 12  b.1879, Millie  Daughter  9  b.1882, 

James  Son  7  b.1884, Lily  Daughter  4  b.1887, May  Daughter 1  b.1890.  Last 5 children all born in Manor Park

13  Alfred Boreham  Head  45   b.1846 in Rochford, Essex (General labourer)  Hannah Boreham Wife  47  b.1844  in Rochford

Arthur Son Single 19 1872 (Mill assistant) Louise  Daughter 12 1879, Florence  Daughter 6 1885, William  Son  4  1887. All born in Forest Gate.

14  Ellen Welsh  Age 69   born.1822 in Killorglin, Ireland (Occupation Laundress)

14  Emma Rumbell  Head   Widow   age 55  born.1836 in Lambeth  (Laundress) 

 Joseph  Son Single  25  b.1866 (General Labourer) Emma  Daughter  Single 19  b.1872. Both born in Little Ilford

14 George Mason  Head   58   b.1833  in Essex  (General labourer ) Ellen Mason  Wife   37   b.1854  in Sible Hedingham

Emma  Daughter   14    b.1877  in Sible Hedingham, Mother helps Domestic Servant, William  Son  9   b.1882 in Manor Park, 

Mary  Daughter  8   b.1883  in Manor Park. 

15  Mark Allen  Head   53   b.1838 in Dullingham, Cambridgeshire (Dock labourer)  Sarah Allen  Wife  46   b.1845 in Rougham, Norfolk, 

Matilda  Daughter  12  1879  Plaistow, Louisa  Daughter  7  1884, Manor Park,  Mark Son  2  1889  Manor Park

William G Partridge  Boarder  Widower  41  b.1850 in Colchester (Gardener) Herbert I Partridge Boarder Single  36  1855 Middlesex (Clerk)

Earth Harding  Visitor  Female 1  b.1890  in Middlesex.

16  Caroline Willand England Head  Age 43 Birth year 1848 in City Road Occupation Launderess

16  France Benfield    Head    36  b.1855  in Shoreditch  (Cook)  Charlotte Benfield Wife  28  b.1863 in Stepney

Daisy  Daughter  3   b.1888 in Mile End, Minnie  Daughter  2   b.1889 in Mile End, Florence  Daughter  0   b.1891 in Manor Park

17  John Davey Head  60   b.1831  in Ridgewell, Essex (General labourer) Emma Davey Wife   43  b.1848  in Noak Hill, Essex

17  John Crane   Head   39   b.1852 in Middlesex (Glass blower)  Emma Crane  Wife  40    b.1851 in Mile End

Emma C   Daughter  12    b.1879, Selina A    Daughter  10  b.1881.  Both born in Bethnal Green

Charles A  Son  8   b.1883  Whitechapel, Charlotte B  Daughter  4  b.1887 in Manor Park

18  Charles R Lewington Head   48   b.1843 in Bethnal Green (Painter)  Rebecca Lewington  Wife  47  b.1844 in Hackney

Jamie Specter  Boarder  Single 40  b 1851, Epping (Farm labourer) Mary E Martin  Niece Single 18   b.1873, Aldford, Essex (Domestic servant)

Henry  Son  13 b.1878 Hackney, Arthur  Son 10 1881, Rebeca E  Daughter 11 1880, Laura E  Daughter 7 1884. All born in Little Ilford

19  Susannah S Martin  Head  Widow  52  b.1839 in Spitalfields (Living on own means)

Amelia  Daughter Single 23   b.1868 in Lambeth (Dressmaker) Susan S  Daughter  Single 19  b.1872 in Bermondsey(Domestic servant)

Edwin  Son  15   b.1876 in Bermondsey (Furnace stoker) Arthur  Son  13   b.1878 Manor Park (Errand boy)

Elizabeth  Daughter 11  b.1880 in Manor Park, Ada  Daughter 9  b.1882 in Manor Park

Allbie Martin (Father in law) Widower Male  81  b.1810 in Eltham (Glass blowers clerk)

Alfred Conerney  Boarder Married  32  b.1859, Bermondsey (Carman)

For the next 2 Censuses, and the 1939 Register, the focus will only be on the occupants of our ten flower houses. By 1901, a lot had happened in Salisbury Road. There were now 68 Households compared to 16 in 1891. By 1911, there were 80 Households and by 1939, 88 Households. My House Deeds tell me that our Flower Houses were up and running by 1898. 

The 1901 Census took place on the 31st of March. The total population for England, Wales and Scotland was now 36,999,946 million.

Clover Villa has William John Clarke, aged 57, a pianoforte polisher, living there with his wife Eliza, aged 61, and 3 unmarried children: Eliza, 30, a drapers assistant, William, 27, a drapers warehouseman, and Frederick, 17, a Life Insurance Clerk. All 5 were born in London.

Laurel Villa has Henry Harris, 43, Provision Salesman, his step wife Emily, 27, his son Henry, 18, grocer's assistant, and his son Albert, 13. All born in London except Henry senior who was born in Brighton.

Lilac Villa has John Seymour, 36, born in Herts, a railway signalman, and his wife Ellen, 40, born in Acton,Suffolk. They have a daughter and 5 sons : Grace, 13, Thomas, 14, grocer's assistant, John, 10, William, 9, all born in Theydon Bois, Robert, 7, and Stanley, 5, both born in Little Ilford. John Carman, 21, Railway Waggon Shunter is a lodger there.

Beech Villa has Henry Wyles, 35, a commercial clerk (drapers) and his wife Sabina, 38, with daughter Dorothy, aged 6. All born in London.

Ash Villa has John Dixey, 48, ship's stevedore with his sons : Albert,13, Henry, 10, and Albert, 9. John was born in Bradwell, Essex. His sons were born in nearby Leyton and Forest Gate, respectively.

Pine Villa has Albert Dodson, 27, a meat salesman, and his wife Mary, 27. Arthur, 3, and Sidney, 0, are their sons, both born in Manor Park. This ties in with Pine Villa being built in 1898. Albert and Mary are also born in London. Their lodgers, William Hopgood, 66, a journeyman carpenter, and his wife Mary, 64, are both from Brighton. More later in Pine Villa's own section.

Willow Villa appears to be unoccupied. 

Linden Villa has William Lunn, 34, an Insurance Clerk, and Emma Lunn, 32, with their daughters Dorothy, 6, and Ethel, 4, both born in Manor Park. William is from Forest Gate and Emma is from Bury St Edmunds. More of Linden Villa in its own section.

Palm Villa has Charles Grimwade, 35, a journeyman baker from Burnham on Crouch, and his wife Susannah from Lavenham. Their children are : Florence, 9, Lily, 7, Gladys, 5, and John 2, all born in Manor Park. Wm Bartlett, 26, is a lodger, a stage carriage driver from Walthamstow.

Laburnam Villa has Harry Jeffery, 39, blacksmith iron railing fixer from Langley, Bucks, and his wife Elizabeth, 38, from Essex. Their children are : Albert, 6, Frank, 5, Ernest, 4 , Grace 2, and William 0 who were all born in Manor Park. Elizabeth's father, Charles Anderson, 74, from Plashet, Essex, is living with them. This tells us Elizabeth's maiden name.

Salisbury Rd - Willow Villa is the middle photo
                Millie who was our cat for 10 years
Now to the 1911 Census and we'll see how our ten Villas houses are doing. It took place on Sunday 2nd April. Total population 45,221,000

Clover Villa has Walter Tisbury, 37, a Tailor's Cutter & his wife Louise, 37. They have 3 sons: Wilfrid, 13, Eric, 9, Walter, 6. All born in London.

Laurel Villa has Robert Flint, 45, ladies tailor, from Eynesbury, and his wife Alice, 34, from Chelmsford. Their daughter Gladys, 6, born in Manor Park is the other occupant.

Lilac Villa has John and Ellen Seymour still living there, as are Thomas, Robert and Stanley. Benjamin, 7, has become their 6th son. Grace is now Grace Maryon, and her son Thomas Maryon, aged 1, is with her. The 1939 register (the equivalent of a Census)  records Thomas as the only occupant giving his birthdate as Nov 18, 1909.

Beech Villa has Sophie Metcalf, 39 living there.

Ash Villa now has William Byott, 39, a timber sawyer machinist living there with his wife Margaret, 28, and Wilfred, 13, Grace, 6, and George, 2. All born in London. George Crooks, 21, an engineer from Poplar is their lodger.

Pine Villa is now home to Alfred Hunt, 34, and his wife Annie, 35.  Edward, 11, and Edith, 9, are their children, and Harrold Rollings, 20, an electric theatre attendant, is their lodger. All were born in London except Annie, born in Yorkshire. More later in Pine Villa's own section.

Willow Villa has Harry Porter, 54, a carpenter, 28, born in Shouldham, Norfolk, and his wife Maria, 54, born in Ilford. Sydney Harry Porter, 28, also a carpenter, & his brother Frederick S Porter, 24, a plummers mate, complete the family. Both born in West Ham. More about them later.

Linden Villa has Thomas Dawes, 59, hardware merchant, born in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, and his wife Mary Ann, 47, born in London. Their daughter Marian, 23, is living there too. She is a Commercial Clerk. More later in Linden Villa's own section.

Palm Villa appears to be unoccupied.

Laburnam Villa William Newton, 35, chief engineer, resides there with his wife Charlotte, 32, and their son Francis, aged 3. All are London born. A coachman Oscar Madle, 45, is a lodger there.
Now to look at our ten houses in the 1939 Register. This register is similar to the Censuses but doesn't give places of birth, road names or how each occupant is related to each other. However, it does give actual birth dates. It was created because of the 2nd World War starting. If wives don't go out to work, they are given the rather quaint occupation of "Unpaid Domestic Duties" but I omitted that for reasons of space.
Clover Villa - unoccupied
Laurel Villa  has Alice L Hint Birth date 08 Dec 1876 and Widowed.
In a seperate part of the house is Herbert J Pugh, born 14 Dec 1902, who is an Engine Fitter (Maintenance)  His wife is Gladys E Pugh, born 06 Jan 1905. Sheila Doreen Smith (Pugh) was born 03 Dec 1935.
Lilac Villa has Thomas H Maryon in residence born on 18 Nov 1909, and a Single Book Packer.
Beech Villa has Robert W P Chisholm born 25 Feb 1898. He is a Seedsman. His wife is Minnie Chisholm, born 05 Nov 1905. She is a Female  Cafe Manageress. Rene Duffy was born 19 Feb 1925. She works as an Assistant Waitress and is single.

Ash Villa has Robert L Barker  born 31 Jul 1897.  He is a Dock Labourer Port Of London Authority. His wife is Elsie M Barker born 29 Nov 1898. Robert Frederick  Barker born 04 Jan 1923. He is an Apprentice Electrical Engineer and Single.

Pine Villa has Arthur S  Fisher, born 24 Sep 1892. He is a Lorry Or Van Driver (Private Servant) His wife is Florence M Fisher, born 27 Jun 1924. Their son, Dennis S  Fisher, was born 29 Dec 1922. He is a  Junior Office Clerk, and Single. Widower Harry Lobsenzer, born 18 Dec 1886, is an Interpreter Temporary Govt Service. More of these occupants in Pine Villa's own section at the end of the page.

Willow  Villa  has John J Churchman, born 08 Jun 1904, is a Lorry Driver of Confectionery. His wife Mary A L Churchman was born on 11 Jan 1909. Also living there, as a second household, are Joseph J Tozer, born 10 Aug 1871, a Coal Carman (Retired) and Matilda R Tozer, born,10 Feb 1877. Researched information on these 4 occupants later.

Linden Villa has Ernest D Piggott, born 02 Sep 1861, living there. He is listed as an Old Age Pensioner and Widowed. Edith E Piggott, born 05 Nov 1902, is a Tobacco Shop Assistant and single. More later in Linden Villa's own section.

Palm Villa has Charles Knight, born 07 Apr 1905, who is a Builders Labourer (Unemployed) Amelia Knight 17 Jul 1903 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married .

Laburnam Villa has Fred Stott, born 29 Jun 1883, and a Baker. His wife, Mary A Stott, was born on 09 Nov 1882. Alice L Stott, born 09 Nov 1902, is listed as married. The other part of the house is listed as "Nobody lived in this house in 1939" There are several houses in Salisbury Road which are partitioned in this way.

                                                                        Willow Villa - 51, Salisbury Road
Time to focus, specifically, on Willow Villa. Unoccupied for the 1901 Census but active for the 1911 and 1921 Censuses, and the 1939 Register. Originally this study was to have been just for Willow Villa - my beautiful home for 29 years. However, there was sufficient information available in my deeds to look at other houses in Salisbury Road. I was fascinated by the ten houses which had the Plant names. So, for the present, it was just the ten "Villas" whose information I just shared. Later, there will be details of those who owned the houses in Salisbury Road and leased them out. We start with my own house Willow Villa (51, Salisbury Road) The central photo above is of Willow's back garden circa 1996. Above left is a portrait of my maternal Grandmother (Ione) and above right is my maternal Grandpa (Franz Rudolf)

The first occupants of Willow Villa that I know of, were Harry Porter and his family. I have looked at their lives in detail, using the Census records which are invaluable for such studies but also other sources such as FamilySearch and even Google search.
The 1911 Census records Harry, aged 54, a Carpenter for a Railway Company, born in Shouldham, Norfolk. His wife Maria is also 54, and born in Ilford. They have 2 sons, both single, living with them. Sidney Harry Porter, aged 28, also a carpenter for the Railway Company. Frederick Stanley Porter is 24, and a Plumber. Both sons were born in West Ham. Harry and Maria's daughter Amy, born on 27 June 1880, is not present, having married Harry Earey on 18 February 1909 in Little Ilford. Harry, born in Sible Hedingham in 1883, was the son of Walter and Ellen Earey. He was a milk carrier in Halstead at the time. Amy Margaret Earey was born on 9 October 1910 in Ilford Town.

The 1901 Census records Harry and Maria living in Nigel Road with their daughter Amy as well as their 2 sons. Amy is aged 20 and born in Stratford. The 1891 Census has them all in Odessa Road. Harry is a Signal Fitter. 
Harry had married Maria, daughter of Samuel Spencer, on September 29, 1878 in Great Ilford. Harry was born in Shouldham, Norfolk in 1857. He was the son of William Porter, an agricultural labourer, born in 1810, and Martha, born in 1815. Harry had 4 brothers and one sister and is recorded as Henry Porter in the 1861 Census. Thereafter, he is always Harry. 1871 sees him working as a Farm Labourer in Barking, and in 1881, he is in Downham Market, as a Signal Fitter, lodging in Railway Road with the Utting family. Maria and Amy were living at Keogh Road.

Harry passed away on January 26, 1915 in Manor Park, aged 57. Probably while living at Willow Villa. Sadly, his eldest son, Sydney, had passed away on March 8th, 1912, aged just 29. He had just married Grace Florence Saich on August 17, 1911 at Little Ilford. They lived at 120 Perth Road, Ilford. Grace was born in Hellions Bumpstead, Essex on 26 August 1878, the youngest of 4 children born to Coachmaker Goddard Saich and his wife Emily. They had married on 19 July 1870. Emily died the year after Grace's birth, aged just 32. Her sister, Alice Wyatt, came to live with them in Harlow as Housekeeper. The 1891 Census shows Goddard now married to Alice with Eva, 3, and Kate, 10 months, now born. By 1901, Thomas, Ethel, and George are also born, but Goddard had died the previous year, aged 52. Grace was still with the family just before her marriage, working as a Grocery Packer. Following Sydney's passing, Grace did not marry again. 

The 1939 Register sees her living in her brother James' household. Grace died in 1969, aged 90.  Like Harry and Maria Porter, she had known more sadness in her life than most. Maria Porter passed away on January 10, 1922 with her son Frederick Stanley Porter as her probate beneficiary. He had married Ada Elizabeth Turner in Romford on April 7, 1917. Ada was born in 1890, one of 9 girls and just one boy born to William James Turner (1859-1926) born in Romford, and Elizabeth Cupit (1865-1925) born in Wapping. They had married in Mile End Old Town in 1884. Frederick and Ada spent 29 years together before Frederick died on September 16, 1946, aged 60. Ada died in 1977.

The 1921 Census records the Lomax family now living at Willow Villa. George Robert Lomax, aged 41, from Brighton, is the manager of J H King Drapers in Barking. His wife Maud Ethel, aged 32, is from Tottenham. They have 3 daughters with them. Eileen, 8, born in Stratford, Joan, 5, and Marjorie, 3, both born in Manor Park. Given the children's ages and birth places, the Lomax's probably moved into Willow Villa about 1915 with Maria and Frederick Stanley Porter moving on. 

George was born in the last quarter of 1879. He was the son of George R Lomax, a Draper, born on 10 February 1835 in Woolwich. His mother was Clara Maria Lomax, born in 1846 in  Woolwich. The 1881 Census records them living in Elm Grove, Brighton with George Junior aged 1, Muriel, aged 3, born in Brighton, and Fanny, aged 5, born in Woolwich. By 1901, George is in Woolwich, his father having died there in 1887. George is living in Brookhill Road in the household of his cousin, also called George Lomax but born in Woolwich. He is a Publican with our George a Barman. Also in the household are Ellen Shepherd 27, born in Charlton, and Kate Kent, 26, born in Windsor. Both are barmaids and single. Maude Warton, 23, born in Bermuda, is a domestic servant, and single. George married Maud Ethel Wynne during the spring of 1911. Maud was a milliner at the time. George passed away in 1960, aged 80, and is buried at Bexley Heath Cemetery. 

Maude Ethel Lomax was born on July 6 1888 in London. She was the daughter of John Arthur Wynne, born 1858 in London and Susanna Kate Wynne nee Prior, born in Cambridge in 1855. They had married in Bethnal Green in 1877. Maud's siblings were Francis, Richard, Susanna, John Arthur, Frederick Archibald, Grace Amelia, Lilian Adelaide, and Florence Hilda. Her father was in the Boot and Leather trade. Her mother passed away sometime between 1901 and 1911. Places that  Maude lived in included Commerce Road, Tottenham, Wanstead Park Road, Ilford, Forest Gate, and of course, Salisbury Road, Manor Park. She lived to be 95, passing away in Camden Town in February 1984. Her eldest daughter Eileen married Leonard W Church in 1938 in Woolwich. Her youngest daughter Marjorie married Joseph J Righton (born.1917 in Evesham) during 1941 in Dartford. Below are 3 Generations of the current occupancy of Willow Villa. The children have either lived or stayed here (as adults) since 1994. Ione and Franz Hunter beget Ina Hunter nee Roughan who beget Chris, Sharon and Jane.  :o)

The next occupants of Willow Villa that I know of, by way of the 1939 Register, were John James Churchman, born 08 June 1904 in Stratford, and his wife Mary Ann Lillian Churchman nee Tozer, born 11 Jan 1909. John is a Lorry Driver of Confectionery. John and Mary were married in the 4th quarter of 1929 at West Ham. Also living at Willow Villa, but listed separately, are Joseph J Toyer, a retired Coal Carman, and  Matilda R Toyer. They are in fact Mary Ann's parents although the entry doesn't say so. Their name is actually Tozer. More of the them later. As far as I know, John and Mary Ann had no children. Therefore, they were able to accommodate Mary Ann's elderly parents more easily than John or Mary Ann's siblings would have been able to.

John Churchman was the second youngest of 8 children born to James John Churchman, born 1857, and Francis, born 1866. Both were born in Stratford, and they were married in 1895. The 1901 Census records their children as: Ellen 12, Grace 6, James 5, Maud 3, George 1, Charlie 8, John 6, and William 3. All were born in Stratford except Ellen, born in Regents Square. They are living in Major Road, Forest Gate. James John Churchman is a General Labourer. In 1911, James is a Stationary Engine Driver for the Gas Light and Coke Company. In 1891, he had been a ship foreman, living in Maryland Road with his brother Edward Horace( b.27 July 1854 ), a loco engine driver, and Edward's wife Emma. James was one of 8 children born to William John Churchman, 1814-1887, a coal labourer, and Louisa Churchman, 1821-1883, nee Louisa Boswell Bennewith. William and Louisa had married in March 1843.

We first meet Mary Ann Lillian Churchman in the 1911 Census, living with her parents in Forest Gate. Joseph John Tozer 38 (10 Aug 1871) a Builders Labourer, born in Stratford, and Matilda Rebecca Tozer nee Lawson, 34 (10 Feb 1877) born in Bethnal Green. We know their exact birthdates because of the 1939 Register when they will share Willow Villa with Mary Ann and John James Churchill. Joseph and Matilda’s children are: Mary Ann Matilda Adelaide, 11, born in Stratford, James William,10, Stratford, Joseph John, 7, Upton Park, Reuben Henry Ernest, 4, Stratford and Mary Ann Lilian, 2, Upton Park. Joseph and Matilda had married during the 2nd quarter of 1899 in Poplar and lived in Rosher Road soon after. Joseph was a Carman then. Joseph John Junior went on to marry Annie A Cossington (born 1903) in 1930, and Reuben Henry, born 9 Nov 1906, married Elizabeth R Hattersley in Poplar.

The 1891 Census had recorded Matilda Tozer, aged 14, living in Mount Street, Bethnal Green with her 7 siblings: William 16, Harriet 12, Mary Ann 8, Albert 7, Alfred 5, Elizabeth 3, and Martha 1. Her father was Ernest Mark Lawson (1859-1915) aged 41, a cabinet maker, born in London. Her mother was Matilda Hannah Lawson nee Benson aged 36 (28 March 1855 - March 1935) in London. They had married in 1874. Mary Ann Churchman passed away in 1981 and John in 1985. The place given is just Essex. One wonders how long they lived in Willow Villa and also who else lived here until Frederick Francis Skingsley bought it in 1982 (see later) 

Finally, with no photos of Willow Villa occupants at hand, I suddenly remembered that I have lived here, as well as my wife and her sister. So here we are together with my mum who qualifies by being related to me. No names given as we are still living. A few other pictures of Willow Villa and her associates are dotted around here and there. See above and earlier.

                                                                         Linden Villa - 53, Salisbury Road

Now to look at Willow Villa's neighbour, Linden Villa. In 1901, the occupants were William John Lunn, 34, an Insurance Clerk, born in Forest Gate, and Emma Susan Lunn, 32, born in Bury St Edmunds. With them are Dorothy, 6, and Ethel, 4, both born in Manor Park. There was nothing definite on William in any of the 3 Censuses after his birth, therefore his parentage couldn’t be established. The 1911 Census for Prittlewell, Southend On Sea sees William, now a Bank Clerk, and Emma, with 2 new arrivals in their family. William Brabrook Lunn was born on September 2 1902 in Manor Park, and John Gerald Lunn was born in Braintree on 27 January 1906. Dorothy Emma Lunn born on 23 Oct 1894 and Ethel Maria Lunn on 4 July 1896 make up the family. Ethel is a Millinery Appentice. John Gerald Lunn married Violet A Northcott in 1933 in Billericay. William Brabrook Lunn married Enid Gwendolen Boaz (born in Leyton in 1894) in Southend-on-Sea. William was now a Stock Exchange Clerk, living at 8 Grange Gardens Southend. Enid’s parents were John Boaz (1860-1925) and Annie Eliza Cadman (born 1863) They had married in 1884, and had 4 daughters.

William Brabrook Lunn’s middle name helped establish his mother’s maiden name – often the case in Genealogy. Emma Susan Brabrook was born in the first Qtr of 1868. During the 2nd Quarter of 1889, she married Samuel Bubier in Bury St Edmunds. This marriage ended in divorce because Emma married William John Lunn during the 4th Qtr of 1893 in West Ham. Samuel Bubier also remarried. He married 20 year old Annie Davy, daughter of James Davy, on 12 Aug 1895 in Netherbury, Dorset. May was born in 1896, James in 1898, and Henry in 1899. All were born in Bloxworth, Dorset. Sadly Annie died on 5 June 1900 in Bloxworth. The 1901 Census for Martins Town in Winterborne St Martin, Dorset records Samuel, aged 35, born in Dorchester and widowed. He is a Domestic Groom. His married sister Annie Clark, 26, is Housekeeper, and her son Charles Clark is there too together with May, James and Henry. 

By the 1911 Census, Samuel has moved to Tempest Cottage, Hawkchurch, Fishpond Charmouth, Dorset. Amanda Bubier is his wife, aged 31, born in Affpuddle, Dorset in 1880. Samuel Lambert 5, Gladys Mary 4, Eileen 2, and Dorothy Florence 0 (all born in Tempest Cottage) are the children of Samuel’s 3rd marriage. May, James and Henry are now teenagers. Olive Dora was born later, in 1914. Samuel’s occupation is Groom, Coachman Domestic. He had married Amanda Malvina Legg in Axminster, Devon during the 1st Qtr of 1905. Amanda was the daughter of Richard and Bessie Ellen Legg. She grew up in one of the Rogers Hill Cottages (below right) in Affpuddle with her siblings Ernest Augustus, Lambert Horace, Oscar Herbert and Olive Dora Blanche. Her father was a Miller and Bakers assistant. 

William John Lunn died in 1940 aged 72.

In the 1911 Census, Linden Villa has Thomas John Dawes, 59, a hardware merchant, born in 1851 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire (known as the jewel of the Cotswolds - see above left) and his wife Mary Ann, 47, born in City of London. Their daughter Marian Harriet, 23, is living there too. The 1861 Census shows Thomas, aged 10, with his family in Swan Field, Whitstable, Kent. His siblings are: John 14, Elizabeth 12, James 6, Anthony W 4, and Arthur 2. His father, whom we now focus upon, is also named Thomas, aged 42, and widowed. He was born in Alfreton, Derbyshire in 1819. The 1851 Census for Stafford Place, Richmond, London tells us that his wife was named Anne, aged 30, and born in Swanwick, Derbyshire. John, aged 4, and Elizabeth, aged 1, complete the family. Thomas is a book keeper. 

This Census and the 1861 census too, show us that the family moved about a lot. The birthplaces of the children illustrate this. John was born in Green Hillam, Derbyshire, Elizabeth in Preston, Cheshire, Thomas in Chipping Campden, Glos, James Dawes in Norwood, Surrey, Anthony W and Arthur both in Chatham, Kent. 5 different counties in 10 years plus where they were living in 1851 and 1861. Censuses tell us so much about our ancestors. Sarah Milwood, aged 49, is recorded as ‘Wife’s Sister’ which might have given us Thomas’ deceased wife’s maiden name. However, Sarah is also ‘widowed’ meaning that Milwood is her married name. No further leads in the 1861 or 1871 Censuses.

However, the 1891 Census for Dethick Lea & Holloway in Derbyshire (where Florence Nightingale grew up - see below) gives the sort of information that makes genealogy detection so rewarding. Living at The Hollins was Thomas Dawes, now aged 72, together with his 2nd wife, Emma 48, born in Nottingham, John W, 23, married, Annie, 19, and Ann E, aged 1. Though listed as son, daughter, daughter, it’s actually John William Dawes, born in Holloway, his wife Annie from Heage, Derbyshire, and their daughter Ann Emmaline Dawes. They will have another daughter in 1899, Essie, and a son, Gustine A, in 1893. All born in Holloway. No marriage date for Thomas & Emma but John William appears to be Thomas’ only child in this marriage. 

I found marriages for John’s children. Annie Emmaline Dawes, 28, married Harry Simmonds Clark, 30, on 16 Apr 1917. Essie Dawes, 24, m. Arthur Wigley, 27, on 3 Aug 1923. Gustine Alan Dawes, 29, m. Kate Seston, 29, in Clowne, Derbyshire. Returning to where we started and Thomas John Dawes. I haven’t found the date of his marriage to Mary Ann but it was circa 1886. His daughter Marian Harriet Dawes was born in Dulwich on 29 Nov 1887. The 1901 Census records her, aged 13, as a boarder at Hastings Holy Trinity, Cambridge Rd. By the 1911 Census, Marian is a Commercial clerk. Her father, Thomas, died in 1921, aged 61 and the 1921 Census shows her still living at Linden Villa with her mother, Mary Ann. Marian died in Hendon during the last Qtr of 1984, and with Dawes still her surname, it looks as if she remained single.

The 1939 Register for Linden Villa has Ernest D Piggott, born 02 Sep 1861, living there. He is listed as an Old Age Pensioner and Widowed. Edith E Piggott, born 05 Nov 1902, is a Tobacco Shop Assistant and single. She was born in Plaistow and Ernest in Poplar. Ernest Dennis Piggott died in 1940 aged 79, and Edith Ellen Piggott in 1971. Although the Register doesn’t show relationships, Edith is Ernest’s daughter. We know this from the 1911 Census for Plaistow St Mary. It has become vital in determining some of Ernest’s Genealogy because he doesn’t seem to be in the Censuses following his birth (1871 and 1881) Therefore finding his parents and siblings has not been possible yet. The 1891 Census for Dongola Road (see above) Plaistow has ‘Stud Machine’ as his occupation and ‘Marking Driller on Iron’ in the 1901 Census. ‘Machine Driller in Engineers Shop’ (1911 Census) clarifies matters. Ernest and Annie’s son, Ernest Henry, aged 1, is there too. Annie, Albert, May, and Leonard are also present in the 1901 Census. Ernest Dennis Piggott married Annie Brown ( born in 1864 in Millwall ) in 1888 in Plaistow. This is confirmed in the 1891 Census where Henry Brown, aged 31 and single, is his Brother In Law, as well as Helper in Iron Yard. 

Now to look at the 1911 Census more closely, and Ernest and Annie’s Family – I have replaced the ages given with actual dates of birth which I found elsewhere plus a few middle names : Ernest Henry, 8 May 1889 (Occupation-Packer) Albert Sidney 29 Aug 1891(General Printer) Annie, 6 Jun 1894 (Waitress) Mary Florence 22 Dec 1896, Leonard Grant 15 Nov 1899, Edith Ellen 5 Nov 1902, George Alfred 3 Mar 1907. All are listed as born in West Ham but to be precise, Dongola Road, Plaistow where Ernest has lived since 1891 or before. Three marriages found: Annie Piggott married Charles Henry Parsons during the 3rd Qtr of 1914 in West Ham, Leonard G Piggott married Gladys V Birch during the last Qtr of 1925 in West ham, and Albert Sidney Piggott married Maud A Challis during the last Qtr of 1936 in West ham. Leonard and Gladys had 5 children: Gladys E born 1926, Nancy D, b.1928, both born in West Ham, Marie L, b. 1930 in Billericay, Ernest L in 1932 in Chelmsford, and Brian M A in 1933 in Chelmsford. Annie and Charles had 2 children: Annie, born in 1914, and Henry Charles born in 1922.

We return to the 1911 Census but this time to North Woolwich where we find Leonard Piggort’s wife to be, Gladys. She is aged 9, and in the household of David John Henderson, 35, a House Painter & Paperhanger, born in Millwall, and his wife Edith Henderson, 29, born in Shepherd Bush. Gladys is David’s step-daughter, as are her sisters, Lily Edith Birch, 11, and Phyllis Mabel Birch, 3, both born in South Woolwich, as were Gladys, and her brother Francis Anthony Birch, 5, too. Her other brother, William Ewart Birch, aged 7, was born in North Woolwich along with their step-brother, David John Henderson, aged 0. Edith Henderson had married David in 1909 in West Ham. He was the son of Clara and David Henderson. David had been an errand boy in Argyle Rd, Custom House, and a House Decorator in Ropery Rd, Mile End Old Town. Edith’s first husband was Albert E Birch, a Dockyard Government Clerk. He was born in Woolwich in 1875, son of Isaac and Mary Birch. They lived in Warwick Street, Woolwich. Albert married Edith Alice Morgan in the 2nd Qtr of 1900 in West Ham. Their 5th child, Phylis Birch, was born in the last qtr of 1907. I have yet to find out what happened to Albert thereafter.

The 1939 Register shows Ellen A Macgregor, born 03 Nov 1903, also living at Linden Villa, and married. Probably a separate household, although she is alone in her part of Linden Villa. No definite information about her except, she passed away in Waltham Forest in 1989.

           James Walter Earl of Verulam            The Earl of Essex Public House, built 1902. Closed since 2012      Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Marquess of Salisbury

Now to meet those who were responsible for the building of the houses in Salisbury Road. They lived elsewhere but bought, sold and leased out the properties. Some of the information is from my house deeds, some is from censuses and other sources. The earliest date that I have in my house deeds is as follows: "Stipulations as to building upon and use of the land contained in an Indenture dated  21 June 1888 made between the Most Honourable Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Marquess of Salisbury of the first part The Rt. Hon James Walter Earl of Verulam and Sir Richard Nicholson of the second part and William Reynolds Helmore, of the third part."

The next date of interest is a week later. "DATED 28 June 1888 - THE SALISBURY ESTATE MANOR PARK. DEED OF COVENANT  As to The occupation of the plots of land on the above estate (affecting Melbourne Terrace and Station Terrace Properties.) THIS INDENTURE made the 28th day of June 1888 BETWEEN the SEVERAL PERSONS ....of the first part and WILLIAM REYNOLDS HELMORE of 57, Bishopsgate Street London EC ... have purchased from the said WILLIAM REYNOLDS HELMORE the several plots of land."  The Salisbury Estate is often referred to as "William Reynold Helmore's Salisbury Estate." Some brief information about those above.

Robert  Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (3 February 1830 – 22 August 1903) was a British statesman and Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom three times for a total of over thirteen years. James Walter Grimston, 2nd Earl of Verulam (20 February 1809 – 27 July 1895) was a British peer and Conservative politician. Sir Richard Nicholson (1828-1913) was awarded his knighthood for his service to the legal profession. 

William Reynolds Helmore (1854 - 1930) was a solicitor, based in Lancaster Place, the Strand with a residence in Hove. He was the son of William Helmore Esq (a Veterinary Surgeon Farmer b.15 May 1823 in Newton St Ives, Devonshire and Mary Anna Tyser b.1823 in West Ham (only daughter of the late (Richard Tyser Esq 1792-1825) and Mary Anna Blydesteyn (1801-1871) William had an older brother, Mark and an older sister Alice Jane. They were in Pavilion Parade, Brighton during the 1881 Census. William married  Minnie Emily Sabben (b. 23 June 1869, in Stoke Newington) in Aldrington, Sussex in 1890. She was the daughter of Dr James Thompson Sabben MD (1841 – 22 September 1882) and Mary Frances Symons (1828 – 19 November 1903) Minnie had one sister Mary Vivian Sabben (1869 – 24 August 1897) and 8 step siblings. William and Minnie lived in Bletchingley, Surrey where they had 2 servants. William's close friend Edward William Sinclair Cox-Sinclair, a Barrister visited them there. Edward was born in St Pancras in 1864, the eldest of 5 boys born to Edward and Rachael Cox. In 1904, William and Minnie were living at Hayward’s Heath with their 3 children: Florence, 1892-1989, b. London, William,1893-1964, b. Hampstead, and Vivian, 1897-1983 b. Haywards Heath. 

Edward was paying regular weekend visits which then ceased. Minnie became increasingly upset, daily asking William about Edward's absence. Eventually on November 24, she admitted that she loved Edward. William told Edward that the best thing was for him to break off with Minnie very gradually. William went to Devon on the 28th, and when he returned, he found 2 letters from Edward.  “My Dear Rey: I have been thinking over all you said to me today, and now write to you what there was in my heart to say ...  "Then she spoke again and again of your love for her, through all the years, and how happy you had made her life ... As to myself, there has been no change. I have always loved her since I first saw her, and always shall. That is why I can put her happiness before everything, even before yours, and you are more than a brother to me ... I am alone responsible.’’ After a very difficult December, with emotions at breaking point,  William took Minnie away from Hayward's Heath and went to live at Hove but things got even worse. Eventually, in 1906, William took Minnie and Edward to court. In due course, Minnie and Edward did marry, in Lewes, Sussex, in 1922. Edward died in Hove in 1943. Minnie also died in Hove in 1951.

William re-married on 21 Sep 1908 in Lincoln St Martin, Lincolnshire. His bride was Emily Catherine Dennehy. Emily was 32, born on 21 Mar 1876 in Dennis's Quay, Kinsale, County Cork. She was the daughter of  Edward Browne Dennehy and Mary Wadsworth Dennehy, and she had 4 sisters and 3 brothers. William died on 20 Nov 1930, leaving Emily as his probate beneficiary. 

Herbert William John Hobbs 1923  Jean Hobbs 1950

         Herbert and Cecilia Hobbs with baby Jean 

                        and grandparents.

        Wedding of Herbert and Cecilia Sept 1920

William John Hobbs (1860 - 1929) was probably the most important person in terms of the development of Salisbury Road's houses. We met him earlier in connection with the 10 Villa houses. He was probably involved in other houses in the street. William was born on 11 Dec 1863, in Sydney, NSW. The 1871 Census shows that the family have returned from Sydney, and are now living in Hackney. The eldest child, Charles, aged 12, was born in Sydney which tells us that the family moved there in 1859 or earlier. Mary Jane, aged 9, was also born in Sydney. Caroline, aged 2, was born in Hackney, telling us that they moved there circa 1868. Thomas, aged 1 completes William's siblings. His father, Charles Dalnot Hobbs is aged 35, born in Ramsgate, and his mother, Esther, aged 26, was born in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. I don't have their marriage date but Esther's age suggests that she married young, and that 1859 is the most likely year that they left for Sydney. Charles was the son of Richard Friend Hobbs, a Smith And Bell Hanger, b.1806, and Elizabeth, b. 1805. She was born on the Isle Of Thanet, Kent, as were most of her 6 children. Charles' work ranged from gas fitting, house decorating, to being an oilman. William would have got a good grounding for the work he would do in Salisbury Road. Sadly, his mother Esther died in 1884, aged just 39. 

William was a House Painter (1881 Census) living in Leyton Road. In 1886, in Islington, he married  Alice Mary Ann Body, born in Barnsbury, London in 1863, daughter of George and Mary Ann Body. George was a Jeweller, born in Cripplegate in 1834. Mary Ann was born in Lambeth in 1841. Alice had a brother, George William, b. 1861 in Southwark. The 1891 Census records William and Alice living in Macdonald Road, Forest Gate with sons Francis, aged 3, and Herbert, 1, (see above) George Body, now a widower, and Rose Goodbody,14, Domestic Servant, complete the household. William is a House Decorator. The 1901 has William and Alice living in Earlham Grove, Forest Gate. William is now a builder. Horace,10 and Victor,4, join Herbert. Lilian F Lanning 22, from Portsmouth, is a General Domestic. The 1911 Census records Herbert William John and Horace Edward as now assisting in William's business. Victor Clarence is at school and Kate Elizabeth Patten, aged 20, from Bow is the Domestic Servant. 

Herbert William John Hobbs (1890-1937) married Cecilia Gertrude Matthews in 1920 in West Ham. Born in Glasgow in 1893, Cecilia was the daughter of John and Jeanie Matthews, both from Edinburgh and sister to Wilfred John Maxwell Matthews. The 1911 Census records the family living in Leyton, with John an Insurance Clerk and Wilfred a Commercial Clerk. Herbert and Cecilia's first child was Mary Ann Hobbs, born in 1921. Jean Cecilia Mary Hobbs arrived in 1922, and John Herbert Edward Hobbs in 1925. All were born in Ilford. Herbert passed away on Feb 22, 1937 in Ilford. Jean married Douglas Turner in Sept 1943 in Ilford (see photo below)

Victor Clarence Hobbs, born 6 Oct 1896, married Dorothy Kate Glasscock (born in Chelmsford in 1896) in 1920. They had 2 children: Cecil William John Hobbs (1922 - 1991) and David Hobbs (1927 - 1997) Both born in Romford. Victor passed away in June 1975 in Croydon. 

Finally, looking at William John Hobbs the entrepreneur, the following documents from my House Deeds suggest that William, a builder and house decorator by trade, had much to do with the building of the 10 Villas. The Censuses record his sons as assisting with his business but that would be after Salisbury Road's houses were completed and occupied. The information below suggests that William not only built the Villas but owned them before leasing them out. 

Sep 9, 1898  An indenture made between William John Hobbs of the one part and William Edward Reynolds of the other part ... with the 4 dwelling houses erected and built thereon known as Willow, Linden, Palm, and Laburnam Villas, Salisbury Road.

August 17, 1898  William John Hobbs, builder, of the one part the lessor and William Fluhrer , butcher, the lessee – Clova, Laurel, Lilac, Beech, Ash, Pine in Salisbury Road, at Manor Park.

23 Nov 1898  William John Hobbs and Elizabeth Jane Rutty 1830 – 1909 of Ecclesbourne, 16, Mansfield Rd , Ilford widow lots on William Reynolds Helmore’s Salisbury Estate Clova, Laurel, Lilac, Beach, Ash, Pine in Salisbury Road, East Ham.

William passed away on Jan 3, 1929 in London, aged 68 which confirmed his year of birth as 1860. His wife Alice was his probate beneficiary.

Cecilia Hobbs with Jean

    Herbert W Hobbs 

  The wedding of Jean Hobbs and Douglas Turner

    Herbert W Hobbs

Wilfred Matthews, Norah Matthews, Herbert Hobbs, John Matthews. Middle - Alice Hobbs first left.

William Edward Reynolds appears quite often in my Willow Villa house deeds - most notably when he purchases or leases the newly built Willow, Linden, Palm, and Laburnam Villas from William John Hobbs (see above indenture) in 1898. The 1901 Census showed each house occupied apart from Willow Villa. William Reynolds was born in London on 13 March 1835, the son of Charles Thomas Reynolds, born 1808, and Catherine Ann Reynolds nee Mullings, born 1802. They had married at Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, on Jan 10, 1825. The 1841 Census shows them residing at Waterloo Street, St Luke, Middlesex with William, aged 6, and siblings Sarah,10, Charles Thomas, 8, Henry, 3, and Ann. The 1851 Census has the family in Golden Lane, St Luke, with William now a Glass Blower. 

He married Emma Glazier (born 1837, Hanworth, Middlesex) on 21 Jan 1860, at St John The Baptist, Hoxton. They lived in Plumber Street, Shoreditch St Leonards, with William still a Glassblower. Emma was the eldest of 5 children born to Martha Glazier (born 1802, in Crondall, Hampshire) and Robert Glazier, born in Hanworth. The 1841 Census shows Emma living at the delightfully named Frog's Hall in Hanworth with her younger sister Ann. Their father, Robert, had passed away between 1838 and 1841. 

William and Emma had 2 children: Catherine Ann Reynolds, born in Hoxton on 3 Sep 1864, and Charles Reynolds, born in Bromley in 1871. The 1971 Census shows them living in Bromley St Leonard. William is now a Life Insurance Agent. Emma's sister, Agnes, aged 21, is living with them as a Domestic Servant.  I must detour now having come across Susannah, an in-law of Agnes. Susannah married George Charles Pallistre Suckermore, on 19 June 1874 in Marylebone. George was born on 31 May 1849 in Lavenham, Suffolk, son of Susannah Suckermore Pallister, born 15 May 1824 in Holborn, and christened in St Marylebone Parish Church on June 1. She was later christened in Lavenham in 1827 with her dob now 15 May 1826. There was a name note - Adobe Lavenham added. 

The 1851 Census records her as Susan Suckermore, a Needlewoman and unmarried, living in Blackbird Lane, Lavenham. I came across the Lavenham Census for 1851, where Susan's name is recorded as "Richarmore". Fascinating. Her son George is aged 1. Her sister, Charlotte Pallister, aged 17, is there too. Three male Lodgers, all agricultural labourers, and Harriet Smith, a Straw Plaiter, complete the household. 

Susan and Charlotte's parents were Londoner Francis Pallister (1791-22/09/1839) and Mary Ann Suckermore (1800-1833) born in Lavenham, and died in Westminster. They had married on 18 July 1824 in Marylebone. Sadly, Mary Ann died a year after Charlotte's birth. Her father, John, and his father before him were named Suckerman but John and his wife Susan, gave their 4 children the surname Suckermore.  Susan had 2 more children: Elizabeth, b.1853, and John, b.1855. Both born in Cosford (Hadleigh) John passed away in Hadleigh, Suffolk in the 4th Qtr of 1856, as did Susan herself. Her life was short, but Susan is one of the most interesting people I have ever researched.

Returning to Agnes Glazier and George Suckermore. They had 3 children: George, born in Chelsea, born 7 January 1874, and Henry, born in Marylebone, in 1878. Sadly, Agnes died while giving birth in the 3rd Qtr of 1880 in Marylebone, aged 30. Her daughter, Agnes, died too. The 1881 Census tells us that George has become a Butler Domestic Servant in Seal, Surrey, and little George and Henry have become boarders in the household of John and Mary Matthews in Brougham St, Battersea. No further information for either George Senior or Henry. William and Emma Reynolds are in Laurence Rd, St Mary Stratford-Le-Bow. Catherine is now a Milliner, and William is still in Life Insurance. Charles,10, completes the household. 1891 sees them living in Mile End Road with William and Catherine's jobs as before. Charles has moved on, and William's nephew Charles Glurian, aged 20, a Labourer, is with them. Emma passed away in Kensington in 1881, aged 44. 

The 1901 Census shows that George and Agnes' son, George Charles Palastre, is still boarding in Brougham St. He is a Grocer's Assistant. The only other occupant is Jessie Mathews, aged 22. George married Bessie Maker, a dressmaker, in the 3rd Qtr of 1899 in Wandsworth. Bessie was born on 30 Sep,1869 in Bodmin, Cornwall. Their first child, William was born in Kilburn on 10 Aug 1900. George and Bessie moved to Iverson Rd, Hampstead where George was a Wine Merchants Manager. By 1911, they had moved to Battersea with George now a Sewer Processor. They had 6 children: William, Rita, Jessica, George, Frank, and Thomas Edwin. George died on 27 August 1959 in Battersea and Bessie died on Nov 1, 1944 in Ipswich.

The 1901 Census is particularly interesting. William Reynolds is now living in Herbert Road, Hornchurch. He is a Fire Insurance Agent, as is his son-in-law, Alfred George Bowick, 40, born in Tottenham. Alfred's son, William A R Bowick, aged 6, is with him. Lydia Allex, 60, is a Domestic. My house deeds refer to William Alfred Reynolds Bowick several times in relation to the trust from his grandfather William Edward Reynolds when he comes of age. Although the Census does not note Alfred as widowed, he in fact is. I had wondered where his wife was for this census. Also, why his son had Reynolds as his middle name. Alfred must have married William Reynolds daughter - hence son-in-law on the Census. Catherine Ann was William's only daughter. She married in 1893 in Mile End Old Town but no definite name was given for her spouse. Upon typing "Catherine Ann Bowick" into FamilySearch (the only free website for genealogical research, and also the best) Catherine's details emerged. She had passed away on 31 Aug 1899 in Poplar, aged just 34. William Edward Reynolds and  Alfred George Bowick were her Probate  Beneficiaries. 

The 2011 Census does record Alfred George Bowick as widowed. He is living alone in Hornchurch. No Census record of either William Reynolds nor Alfred's son William Alfred Reynolds Bowick but they may still have been with William who was also living in Hornchurch.  Census Records are not infallible. William's home in Herbert Road was called Catherine Villa - poignantly named after his late daughter. He died there on 30 Sep 1913. In his Will dated 21 Aug 1913 and named on 19 March 1914, William had appointed Edward Brady Staines and John Alexander Roberts as his executors, in trust for his grandson William Alfred Reynolds Bowick upon reaching 25. Edward Staines became sole trustee on March 1, 1815. William reached the age of 25 on August 8, 1919, and in accordance with his grandfather, William Edward Reynolds' Will, his inheritance was duly realized. On 5 Dec 1919, there is a conveyance between Edward Brady Staines of Highgate (London Insurance Director) of the one part and William Alfred Reynolds Bowick of Catherine Villa, Herbert Road, Hornchurch (engineer) of the other part in which all details of William's inheritance and responsibilities are made clear. 

The U K, Merchant Navy Seamen Records have William Bowick on their database, from 5 December 2014. He married Hilda W Hunter during the 2nd Qtr of 1916 in Greenwich. Hilda was born in 1895 in Charmouth, Dorsetshire. The 1901 Census records Hilda, aged 6, living in Minard Road, Lewisham. Her father is John Hunter, aged 46, also born in Charmouth, and one of 13 children. He is a Drapery Traveller. His wife is Isabel Harriet Hunter nee Locks, born in Hackney in 1864. They married in 1887 and had 4 daughters: Dorothy, Gladys, Hilda and Kathleen. The 1911 Census shows Hilda and William living in Hornchurch. As far as I know, they had no children. Hilda Bowick died on 19 Aug 1941 in Surrey. William was her Probate Beneficiary on 1 May 1944. William passed away in Waddon in 1952, aged 57.

There is a Land Charges Document in my house deeds which is an Application for An Official Search regarding Nos. 51, 53, 55, and 57, Salisbury Road, (formerly known as "Willow", "Linden", "Palm", and "Laburnam" Villas) It is dated 4th September, 1945. William Alfred Reynolds Bowick is the person applying and the fee is 1/6d. His address is 6, Court Drive, Waddon, Surrey - formerly of Catherine Villa, Herbert Road, Hornchurch. The signing solicitor is F.C. Yates of 618, Romford Road, Manor Park, E.12. 

On the 13th.September, there is a conveyance between William Bowick and David Henry Johnson, of 512, High Street North, Manor Park, a builders merchant. The Vendor (William) has agreed to sell to the Purchaser (D H Johnson) "ALL THAT piece or parcel of land ... TOGETHER with the four messuages or dwellinghouses  erected thereon formerly known as "Willow", "Linden", "Palm", and "Laburnam" Villas Salisbury Road but now known as etc. One wonders which year the plants turned into numbers. More of David Johnson later but time now to get to know Edward Brady Staines a little better.

Edward was born in the 4th Qtr of 1851 in Bethnal Green, the son of John Staines (b. Ipswich,1816) and Louisa Staines (b. Ipswich, 1823) The 1861 Census records them living in York Place, Stepney. John is a Dock Labourer. There are 4 children: Edward 9, William 7, Charles 5, Henry 2. John's brother Thomas Brady, aged 69, completes the household. He is also a Dock Labourer. The 1971 Census records Louisa as a Laundress and widowed. Edward is now a clerk, and Charles is a Messenger. Henry is still of school age. William is not there. They are living in Mile End Old Town. Edward married Jessie Hoy in 1874 in Hackney.  Jessie was born in 1850 in Orsett, Essex. Her father was George Hoy, a baker born in 1808 in Ingrave, Essex. Her mother was Harriett, a dressmaker, born in 1812 in Doddinghurst, Essex. The 1851 Census tells us that Jessie had 3 siblings: Walter 9, Frances 7, and Hester 3 - all born in Orsett. Their parents plus Rosa and Harriet are listed separately. Perhaps the Census sheet entry spilled onto another page. The 1841 Census for Malting Lane, Orsett, adds Jemima 8, to Jessie's siblings.  

The 1881 Census shows Edward and Jessie living at Baronet Terrace in Tottenham. Edward is an insurance clerk. There are 3 children: Jessie 5, Ida 4, and Matilda 2. The 1891 Census finds them in Graham Road, Hackney. Edward is now an Assurance Manager. Matilda A has become Melita A, and Elsie 10, completes the family. Edward and Jessie finally have a son, as the 1901 Census for West Bank, Hackney records: Edward S B, aged 11. Edward Senior is an Insurance Manager. The 1911 Census for St John At Hackney finds Edward, now 59, widowed. Jessie had passed away in 1909, aged 58. Muriel Gladys, born 6 Jul 1888 , Ida, 34, and Edward S B, 21 (Electrical Engineer) are present together with Isabella Baker, 24, General Domestic Servant.

Elsie Mary Staines on board the Empress of Russia in 1910                         Hornchurch in 1902                        Edward Brady Staines on board the Minnehaha in 1913

In September 1910, Edward's daughter, Elsie Mary, left for Canada on board the Empress of Russia bound for Quebec City. She married 27 year old Stanley Christopher Mansfield on 22 Sep 1910 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Stanley, born in London on 05 Apr 1882, was the son of Edward Joseph Mansfield, and Julia Mansfield nee Antill. Stanley had 3 brothers and a sister.  He lived until 09 Dec 1958 and Elsie lived until 15 Jul 1971. The Prairie Provinces Census of 1916 records them living at 360 Parkview, 13 Winnipeg Centre, Manitoba, Canada.  Joyce aged 4, b. Alberta, Ralph aged 3, b. Manitoba, and Betty, 1, b. Manitoba, are their children. Their Immigration Date is given as Sep 1906. Elsie on board the Empress of Russia, 1910, is another date given on a different document, and Jul 1919 - Elsie on board the Grampian is another. 

On 10 Jun 1913, Elsie's father Edward also crossed the Atlantic in the ship Minnehaha. Edward, now 62, and Mrs Worledge (his daughter Jessie Mabel Staines) duly arrived in Ellis Island, New York but according to the records, it was immigration not a visit. He could have been joining Else and her family in Canada, having been widowed 4 years now. Jessie’s husband Thomas Nicholas Worledge was still living back in England, suggesting that maybe Jessie was just visiting her sister Else. This may have been the case for Edward too. He would be working on behalf of his friend William Reynolds very soon (see earlier) so emigration seems unlikely. 

Whatever his reason were for the journey, Edward passed away on 15 Mar 1941 in Middlesex, leaving his son Edward Stanley Brady Staines as Beneficiary with his unmarried daughter Ida Louise Staines as the Second Beneficiary. Edward Stanley Brady Staines married Margaret Gerard Metcalf in 1916 in Wandsworth. Her father was Livery Nicholas A Metcalf, an Accountant, born in Holloway in 1869, and her mother was Minnie Metcalf, born in Edinburgh in 1869. Margaret had one sister, Annie born in 1891 in Edinburgh. Edward passed away in 1964 in Middlesex, aged 74.

The following section shows how the 10 villas – 39 to 57, Salisbury Road were bought, sold and leased. We have already looked at William Reynolds Helmore, William John Hobbs, William Edward Reynolds, William Alfred Reynolds Bowick and Edward Brady Staines in detail. Now we meet Elizabeth Jane Rutty, Charles and Lina Vogel, and William and Margaret Fluhrer in detail. We start with a recap of the 19th Century transactions, mostly involving William John Hobbs (see his own section)

On May 18, 1894 there was a Conveyance between William Reynolds Helmore, of the one part, and Mary Maw and Thomas Couldrey Maw of the other. The probate record of a James Maw, 10 Jan 1894, records Mary Maw as the Beneficiary, and Thomas Couldrey Maw as the Second Beneficiary. The 1851 Census for West Ham, records James with his wife named Mary (both born in Pimlico) and a son named Thomas C Maw, born in Stratford in 1849. Therefore, I take Mary and Thomas to be mother and son. Couldrey was Mary’s maiden name before she married James in 1844 at St George, Hannover Square. Mary died on 20 Jan 1900 and made Thomas her Beneficiary. They probably bought the lots / land with their inheritance. On June 6, 1898, there was a conveyance between Mary Maw and Thomas Couldrey Maw of the first part and William John Hobbs of the other. William goes ahead and builds the houses which will become Clova, Laurel, Lilac, Beach, Ash, Pine in Salisbury Road, Manor Park. (Nos 39 to 49)

On August 17, 1898, a 99 year lease was made between William John Hobbs, builder, of Ferndale, 263 Romford Road, Forest Gate, the lessor, and William Fluhrer , butcher, of 184, Evelyn Street, Deptford, the lessee. The properties were Clova, Laurel, Lilac, Beach, Ash, and Pine. The same day, William Fluhrer took out a mortgage with The Woolwich Equitable Building Society. More about William Fluhrer later. 

On Sep 9, 1898, William John Hobbs leased or sold to William Edward Reynolds 4 dwelling houses known as Willow, Linden, Palm, and Laburnam Villas, Salisbury Road. W.A.R.Bowick inherited these houses from his grandfather, William in 1919 (see earlier)

On 23 Nov 1898, Elizabeth Jane Rutty (08 March 1830 - 30 May 1909) of Ecclesbourne, 16, Mansfield Rd, Ilford, bought from William John Hobbs, for £675, some lots on William Reynolds Helmore’s Salisbury Estate. They were Clova, Laurel, Lilac, Beach, Ash, and Pine Villas (Nos 39 to 49 Salisbury Rd) Elizabeth, was born in Shoreditch, the daughter of George and Charlotte Cooper. On 16 November 1850 in Poplar, she married George Gamman Rutty (30 September 1826 – 20 May 1894) son of Samuel Rutty and Sarah Gamman. He was a mason and pavior. They had 11 children: Elizabeth Louisa Rutty, 16 May 1851, Catharine Caroline (1853-72) George Samuel Gamman, 25 Dec 1854, Miriam Jane, 11 Mar 1859, Arthur Victor, 24 Apr 1861, Naomi Mary 6 Apr 1863, Winifred Annie 30 Mar 1865, Edgar 1867, Agatha 1868, Harrold 1872, and Madoline 1874. Among George and Elizabeth's dwelling places were Mile End, Bow and Bromley. After George’s death, Elizabeth lived in Ilford. On Nov 29, 1905, she appointed Francis John Randall of 4, Coptall Buildings, London, Gent, and Matthew Charles Liell as executors of her Will. Elizabeth died on 30 May 1909. Her Probate made Francis and Matthew beneficiaries.

On Feb 9, 1910, there was a conveyance between Francis John Randall the vendor of the 1st part, Matthew Charles Liell of the 2nd part and Lina Vogel 140, Halley Road, wife of Carl Paul Vogel – the purchaser of the 3rd part. The properties were nos 39 to 49 Salisbury Rd. The 1901 Census, records Charles Vogel (Carl Paul Vogel) as a retired pork butcher, aged 44, living in Abbotts Park Road, Leyton. He was born in Wivitternberg, Germany in 1866, and became a Naturalized British Subject in 1896. Similarly, his wife, Lina, also born in Wivitternberg in 1866. Their children are Lina Mary 10, Ada Lily 9, Charlie Joseph Vogel 6, George Albert 0, all born in Shoreditch. They lived in Abbotts Park Road, Leyton. The 1911 Census records them living in East Ham (140, Halley Road) together with Charlie and George. On August 6, 1915, the family adopted the surname Norton instead of Vogel. Charles Paul Norton died on August 11, 1922 with Lina his principal Will Beneficiary, and Henry Albion his 2nd Beneficiary. On March 27, 1923, Lina Norton appointed her son George Albert Norton and Hugh Adolphus Carter as sole executors of her Will. She died on Nov 13, 1925.

On March 12, 1926, there was a conveyance between George Albert Norton and William Gottlieb Fluhrer of 98, Lathom Rd, East Ham, butcher, and Margaret his wife (the purchasers) of the 6 properties (39 to 49 Salisbury Rd) The other 4 Villas ( 51 to 57) are, presumably, still with W.A.R. Bowick. William Fluhrer had taken out a lease on the properties in 1898 from William Hobbs, and was now purchasing them. Wilhelm Gottlieb Fluhrer (William since 26 Jan,1890) was born in Württemberg, Germany in 1866 and was a butcher shopkeeper. He was the son of Johann Heinrich Fluhrer - butcher of Hohebach - and Clara Barbara Schneider. Margarethe Weidner (Margaret) was also born in Württemberg in 1865. Both were Naturalized British Subjects since 1899. They were married at St Paul's German Church, London, in 1890. 

The 1891 Census records them living at 45 Grove Street, St George in the East. William was working as a bread baker. The 1901 Census records them living at 184 Evelyn Street, Deptford with their sons William, aged 9, and Frederick, 7, both born in Whitechapel. Frederick was born on 27 October 1893. Ludwig Schweitzer and Carl Roeger, both German Subjects, are working for William in his butcher’s shop. By 1911, William has retired and they are living in East Ham. Some shop addresses for the Fluhrer family were: 98 Lathom Road, East Ham (1905), 15 High Street North, East Ham (1908) and 10 Broadway, Barking (1912-1914). Their son, Frederick Charles, died on September 12th,1928, aged just 34. Margaret died on September 10th, aged 66. William died on the 7th December, aged 68 at Berry House, Berry Lane, Laindon, Essex. Their gravestone at the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, touchingly, says “RE-UNITED”.

William had appointed Cyril Ernest Edwards, of 14, High Street North, East Ham, as the sole executor of his Will. On May 17, 1935, in accordance with William’s Will, his remaining son, William Frederick Charles Fluhrer, inherited the 6 Villas (39 to 41 Salisbury Rd) He was living at 13, Gordon Rd, Ramsgate, Kent. On December 15, 1948, William sold two of them (No.39 and No.49) to The Bradford Property Trust Ltd for £1620. On May 13, 1949, No.49 Salisbury Road was sold to Arthur Stanley Seth Fisher and Florence Millicent Fisher. They had been living there for 10 years or more. See their details in the 1939 Register section earlier. Nos 41 to 47, Salisbury Rd were, presumably, still with W.F.C. Fluhrer. No 39 was presumably still with The Bradford Property Trust Ltd.

David Henry Johnson bought Houses 51 to 57, Salisbury Rd from W.A.R. Bowick in 1945 (see earlier) David was a builders merchant at the time, living at 512, High Street North, Manor Park, close to Salisbury Rd. He was born on Sept 22, 1903 in West Ham. The 1911 Census for West Silvertown records him as aged 7, the son of Walter. H. Johnson, aged 36 and Caroline Johnson, aged 30. Both born in West Ham. David has two brothers: Elbert, 5, and Keny,0, All family members born in West Ham (probably West Silvertown) Similarly Ernest, 16, who is Walter.H.Johnson’s brother. Fredrick Pritlone, 28, is also listed. All adult males plus Ernest are General Labourers at Guano Works in Silvertown. The 1921 Census has David with his parents plus 7 others. I only had a part preview. David married Lily Simpson, b.1913, on 09 Jun 1934 in Romford. Lily was the daughter of William Starry Simpson and living in Rainham at the time.

A neighbour of mine remembers David as a landlord to one of her relatives. Eventually, her relative bought the property, 57, Salisbury Rd, on November 14, 1974. David then sold No. 55 on June 3, 1977 to Edmund George Nelson and Annette Wendy Nelson. I am told that Edmund's brother lived at no.55 and the Nelsons lived at 49, Salisbury Rd which they also owned. They eventually sold no.49, circa 1987, to a couple who lived there until 2022. On March 20, 1979, David Johnson sold No. 53 to Thomas Ernest Window. Finally, on September 16, 1982, 51, Salisbury Rd (Willow Villa) was sold to Frederick Francis Skingsley for £9000. David Johnson had died earlier that year on April 2, at Mulberry Green House, Copford, Marks Tey. Will Executors Reginald Chapham and Michael Haynes of Billericay conducted the sale.

Frederick Francis Skingsley was born in the 2nd Qtr of 1941 in East Ham. He had an older sister, Barbara P Skingsley, who was born in the 4th Qtr of 1939. His parents Frederick J L Skingsley and Lilian M Barker, born 20 Nov 1917, had married in 1938 in East Ham. The 1939 Register records Lilian alone at 46, Salisbury Rd. Her husband was probably away, as a Private in the Military Unit, Royal Army Service Corps. Sadly, he died in 1945. 

Lilian Skingsley married Jack G Gates the following year in East Ham. Jack was born in Camberwell during the 2nd Qtr 1917. His mother’s maiden name was Eldridge. His brother Harry P Gates was born in the 2nd Qtr of 1915. Jacqueline A Gates was born in the 3rd Qtr of 1947 in East Ham with her mother’s maiden name recorded as Barker. Jacqueline was the daughter of Jack and Lilian Gates. No other children found. I haven’t found a definite marriage for Frederick Francis Skingsley. However, his sister, Barbara, married Alan J Brown during the 2nd Qtr of 1962 in East Ham. Andrew James Brown was born in the 1st Qtr of 1966 in Colchester. No other children found.

It's interesting that the 1939 Register also has a Barker Family living at 54, Salisbury Rd.  Francis L Barker b. 08 Apr 1888 and Daisy b. 02 Oct 1891, have 5 children there: Daisy M  b.16 Jun 1920, Francis R  b.09 Jan 1923, Frederick C  31 May 1925, Elvira E Smith (Barker) 05 May 1928, and Arthur A  15 Jul 1930. Lilian M Barker, b. 1917, might have been an earlier child of Francis and Daisy. Without a definite marriage date for them, I can't be sure. Francis Robert married Phyllis Mary Norris.  Frederick Charles Barker married Ellen Emma Elizabeth Percy on 1 Apr 1945 in Essex.  Arthur A Barker married Sylvia Taylor- Morley in 1951 in East Ham.

At  No. 47 (Ash Villa) is another Barker household, across the road from Lilian. Robert L (b. 31 Jul 1897) and Elsie M Barker (b.29 Nov 1898) with their 16 year old son Robert Frederick, born 04 Jan 1923. Robert L Barker is a a Dock Labourer Port Of London Authority, and his son is an Apprentice Electrical Engineer. Robert L Barker married Elsie Pitt in Poplar during the 2nd Qtr of 1922. The 1901 Census has Elsie Pitt, aged 2, living in Cobden St, Bromley-by-Bow. Her father is George Pitt, 43, a Carpenter, born in Cowes, Isle of Wight (see 1st pict below). His wife Mary, 43, was born in Ipswich (see 2nd pict below) The children were all born in Bromley: James 16, Alice 12, and George 7. William Seagroatt, 17, a box maker, and Henry Seagroatt 15, both born in Bromley, and recorded as step-sons of Robert's. 

Therefore his wife Mary's previous married name was Seagroatt. Sure enough, in the 2nd Qtr of 1876, in Bromley, George Joseph Seagroatt (29 Nov 1849-1907) married Mary Ann E Marsh, born in 1856. The 1881 Census confirms Mary as being born in Ipswich circa 1856, and living in Bromley (Augusta Street) George, 3, and Ada E, both born in Bromley, complete the family. The 1891 Census, sees Mary Ann now married to George Pitt and living in Upper North Street, Limehouse.  William Seagroatt 8, James Pitt 6, Henry Seagroatt 5, and Alice Pitt,  2, complete the family. Mary Ann was one of 6 children born to George Marsh, born in Woodbridge (see 3rd pict below) and Mary Ann Marsh born in Ipswich. Her siblings were Henry N, Elizabeth M, John, William Newton (1863–1913) and Jemima S.

George Joseph Seagroatt was the son of George and Charlotte Seagroatt. He was born on Nov 29,1849 at 17 Chrisp St, Poplar. Charlotte E, Elizabeth A, and Emma J were his siblings. The 1861 Census recorded them living in Northey Street, Limehouse. Other than George and Mary Ann parted company during the 1880s, it's not exactly clear what happened to George thereafter until his death in 1907. The 1911 Census has George and Mary Ann Pitt with their children George, 16, Elsie, 12, and Lily, aged 10. Their Grandchildren Elsie 10, George 8, and Sydney 6, are also there - all born in St Pancras and with Seagraatt their surname.  

Three Barker households so close together in Salisbury Road intrigued me and I had hoped to find a connection between them. Particularly as Willow Villa was owned and occupied by Lilian Barker's son, Frederick Francis SkingsleyHe lived at Willow Villa for 4 years. He then sold it on February 19, 1986 to the people from whom I bought it in 1994. A delightful couple who left me a plate of biscuits on the kitchen table when I moved in on April 5, 1994. They also left a converted loft which gives the house a third bedroom and an immaculate cellar used as as a workshop. Outside, a well kept lawn leading down to a Vine at the back of the garden and a Victoria Plum Tree. Willow Villa had been in very good hands. 

.                                                                                                Pine Villa - 49, Salisbury Road  

Now to look at Willow Villa's other neighbour, Pine Villa, in depth. The 1901 Census records the occupants as Albert Dodson, aged 27, a meat salesman born in Mile End, and his wife Mary, 27, born in Clapham. Arthur, 3, and Sidney, 0, are their sons, both born in Manor Park. With Pine Villa being built in 1898, they were probably Pine Villa’s first occupants. Their lodgers, William Hopgood, 66, a journeyman carpenter, and his wife Mary, 64, are both from Brighton. No other records of William and Mary. The 1911 Census for Seven Kings, Ilford, tells us Albert and Mary’s middle names – Edward and Ann – as well as their children’s. It has Albert Edward born in Hope Street, Battersea (below left) rather than Mile End but still a meat salesman. He was born during the 1st Qtr of 1874. Mary Ann was also born in Battersea rather than nearby Clapham, in the first qtr of 1873. Arthur Albert and Sidney Walter are joined by Albert Edward, 8 (b. 4th Qtr of 1902) all born in Manor Park, and Stanley, 3, born in Seven Kings, Ilford (28 Sep 1907)

Albert had married Mary Ann in the 4th Qtr of 1895 in Wandsworth. Mary Ann’s parents were William Field Spice and Ellen Spice. We learn this from her christening on 13 April 1873 at Battersea. Mary Ann’s brothers Harry and William Field Spice were christened at the same time as well as her sisters Miriam and Ellen Elizabeth. The 1881 Census showed the family living at West Hill Terrace, Wandsworth. Her father William is 38, a Dyer & Cleaner, born in Sheerness, Kent. Her mother, Ellen, is 36, born in Walworth, Surrey. Her sister Ellen is 17, born in Walworth, William 14, born in Chelsea, and Harry 12, born in Peckham. New siblings since the christenings are Elizabeth, 6 and Alice,1, both born in Wandsworth. Miriam, now 16, born in Chelsea in 1865, is not there because she is a nurse and domestic servant in the household of Stanislaus and Florence Eyre in Gowrie Rd, Battersea. For the 1891 Census, Miriam is working as a ladies maid in Bolton Gardens West, Kensington in the Strauss household. Her sister, Mary Ann, is also in service (as a nurse and domestic) in Dryburgh Road, Putney. 

Miriam married Ralph Henry Henderson in Wandsworth (see below right) later that year. Ralph was born in Hartlepool in 1864, son of Matthew and Margaret Henderson. The 1881 census for Bellerby Terrace, Stranton, Durham tells us that Matthew is a horsekeeper and Ralph, a butcher. By 1891, Ralph had moved to Deardon Street, Clapham. The 1901 census shows Miriam and Ralph living in Sherrard Road, Manor Park, close to Salisbury Road where Miriam’s sister, Mary Ann, was living. They have one son, Ralph Harold, 7, born in 1894, in London Junction Loughborough,  Brixton. The 1911 census shows Miriam and Ralph living in Seven Kings, Ilford. Ralph is recorded as a meat scalesman and his son is an apprentice engineer. Mary Ann and Albert are also in Seven Kings. Two sisters, both in service before their marriages, and both marrying butchers. I’m not sure of either Albert or Ann’s dates of passing.

Returning to Albert Edward Dodson and his Ancestry. He was the son of Robert Walter Dodson and Amelia Ann Knight. Albert’s Paternal Grandfather was Richard Dodson of Theydon Bois and his Paternal Grandmother was Anne Nutall of Frant, Sussex. The 1881 Census for Newington has his father, Robert, aged 36, a meat salesman, together with his wife Amelia Ann, aged 35. They had married on Nov 4, 1866 in Shoreditch. Their children are: Walter Leonard, aged 10, Emma Maud, 8, Albert Edward, 7, and Laura Florence, 1. Amelia Ann Dodson, their first eldest child, born 19 April, 1867, had passed away in 1872 in Mile End Old Town. 

Walter went on to marry Harriet Barclay (b.1870, Brixton) on 3 Nov 1889 at St Andrew, Barnsbury, Islington. They had six sons and one daughter by 1901. Walter, like father and brother, was in the butchers trade. Emma married John Alexander Redman Broadwood (8 September 1854–7 March 1914) at St Stephens, Walworth on 18 April, 1891. John was a Landowner, born in Crowley, Isle Of Man. He was the 3rd of 7 children born to John Jervis Broadwood (10 February 1823 - 7 October 1868) and Dorothy Tomson (1825- 8 April 1870) He had previously been married to Alice Sophia Davidson (1855-1925) They had 3 children. Emma and John had 2 children: Percy Alexander, b.1892 in Lancashire and Robert Llewelyn, b.1896 in Pembrokeshire.

The 1891 Census, has Robert, still a meat salesman, with a change of situation. Amelia Ann had passed away in 1887, and Robert had married Caroline Sarah Freeland in 1889 at St. Saviour, Southwark. Caroline was born in Kingsland, Hackney in 1858, daughter of Sarah Freeland, a dressmaker from Sussex. Caroline was a Draper’s Assistant before she met Robert. They are living in Boyson Road, Newington with Cecil H Dodson, aged 1, their first child together, with Emma, now 18 and Laura, now 11, completing the household. Robert and Caroline remained there until Robert’s passing on April 12, 1913.  

The 1911 Census records Pine Villa as now home to Alfred Walter Hunt, 34, and his wife Annie, 35. Edward Alfred Joshua, 11, and Edith Rose Audrey, 9, are their children, and Harrold Rollings, 20, an electric theatre attendant, is their lodger. More of Harrold at the end.

Alfred and Annie were married in Holborn in 1998. Annie Hunt nee Anderson was born in Wortly, Yorkshire in 1876. The same year saw Alfred, a ring maker, born in St Luke’s, Islington. He was one of 14 children born to Edward Hunt and Mary Ann Willsden who had married on May 13, 1868 at St Matthew, City Road. We'll look at Alfred’s siblings and his children in due course but first his ancestry. 

Edward Hunt was born in Hackney on 28 Jan 1847. He was one of 11 children born to Henry Hunt (1807-1869) and Elizabeth Allen (08 Sept 1803 -1875). They had married on October 30, 1825 in Walthamstow. The 1851 Census shows them living at Dunn Place, West Hackney. Henry is a labourer at the Gutta Percha Factory. Their children are: Henry James b.1826, Elizabeth 1831, Shadrach 1834, James 1836, Jane (21 May 1839) Margeritt 1840, Samuel 1841, Joshua 1843, Edward (28 Jan 1847) Harriett 1849, and Martha 1849. All were born in Hackney. The 1861 Census shows that Henry has re-married. This Elizabeth is aged 66, a laundress, born in Bray, Middlesex. I have no marriage date or further details. Elizabeth Allen died in a workhouse in Hackney in 1875. Henry died in 1869 at 3, Dunns Cottages. 

Mary Ann Willsden was born on 24 Mar 1846 in Haggerston, Hackney, the daughter of William and Mary Ann Willsden nee Sanger. The 1861 Census shows Mary Ann, aged 15, living in Macclesfield Street, St Luke, London with her siblings: Louisa, 12, Laura, 10, and George 2, and her parents William and Mary Ann Sanger. William is a watchmaker, aged 40, born in Shoreditch, and Mary Ann is 42, born in St Andrews Holborn. They had married on Christmas Day, 1844, in Islington, and had nine girls and one boy. 

Moving on to the children of Mary Ann’s own marriage to Edward Hunt: William Henry 1869, William 1869, Charlotte 1870, Alfred Edward Hunt (24 Sep 1870) Mary Ann Charlotte (1872 in St Luke – 1952) Thomas Charles 1874, Albert George (06 Jul 1874 Holborn -1953) Alfred Walter (1876–8 January 1945) Rose Louise (b.04 Nov 1882 in St Luke – 18 Sep 1967 in Islington) Thomas  1884, Edward Christian Milde (28 Jan 1885 St Luke - 26 Feb 1925 Islington) Daisy Maud (1887 Islington–1888 Holborn) Thomas Whitefield (06 Oct 1888, St Luke - Sep 1970 Winchester) James Shadrach Hunt (31 May 1891 Holborn - Mar 1973 Amersham) Mary Ann Hunt nee Willsden died on October 10, 1926 with Thomas Sproat & Francis Edward Weston Sproat her beneficiaries. Edward Hunt died on 05 Mar 1896 in Islington. A few marriages from the above. 

William Henry Hunt m. Emily Goodchild (born 1876, Ashwell) in 1897 in Royston. Children: Jessie Amelia C b.1898, Leonard b.1901. They lived in Dame Street, Islington. William was a clockmaker. Emily, like William, had several siblings - 5 sisters and 3 brothers. See below for a lovely photo of Emily and Jessie Amelia plus Emily's mum and Jessie's daughter. Huge thanks to Jackie Lehane and Vivienne Robinson.

Mary Ann Charlotte m. Harry Williams (b.1876 Clerkenwell) in 1931. Children: Constance Lottie b. 6 May 1903, David (1906-1998) David Thomas (1906-1999) Winfred Elsie and Winifred Grace b. 6 Feb 1910

James Shadrach m. Lilian Douglas on 25 December 1914, St Matthew, City Road. Children: Mollie 1912, and Marjorie 1915. 

Edward Christian Milde Hunt m. Florence White (b.24 Jul 1886) on 06 Jun 1908 at Holy Trinity, Hoxton. Children: Gladys Florence (6 aug 1913-6 april 2000) and Olive Lucy (18 Jan 1921-16 Aug 2006) Sadly, Edward died, aged 40, the year before his mother. 

Rose Louise Hunt m. Grove Christopher James Butts (13 September 1882, Islington) on 12 Jan 1907 at St Peter, Islington. Children: Daisy Rose (19 Dec 1907, Islington - Jul 2002, Islington) Ivy May (19 Dec 1907 London - Aug 1994, Islington) Lilly Violet 27 May 1910, Islington. Thomas Charles Hunt (a carman) m. Lucy Rosamond Hoad (b.1875) on 6 August 1899 in Croydon. Children: Victoria J , Queenie E, and Thomas A. Incidentally, a carman is a driver of a horse-drawn delivery vehicle, or a horse-drawn tram.

Alfred and Annie’s occupancy must have kept Pine Villa very busy. Alfred Walter Hunt passed away in Aldermaston, West Berkshire, on 08 January 1945, aged 68. Annie Anderson Hunt passed away on 24 Feb 1949, aged 72, also in Aldermaston. They are buried in St. Mary Churchyard there. See below. I was unable to find Annie’s Ancestry. Their son Edward Alfred Joshua Hunt married Maggie M Hopkins in 1920 in Medway, Kent. No further information on Edith Rose Audrey Hunt, other than she was born during the 4th Qtr of 1901 in Islington.

The 1939 Register for 49, Salisbury Rd (Pine Villa) has Arthur S Fisher, born on 24 Sep 1892, a Lorry/Van Driver, and his wife Florence M Fisher, born in 1894. Their son, Dennis S Fisher, was born in 1923, a Junior Office Clerk. Widower Harry Lobsenzer, born 18 Dec 1886, is an Interpreter Temporary Govt Service. Arthur Stanley Seth Fisher was born during the Last Qtr of 1892 in Kingsclere, Hampshire (see above left). No sign of Arthur in either the 1901 or 1911 Censuses, therefore his ancestry is not known as yet. However Florence Millicent Fisher is recorded in both Censuses under her maiden name Unite. The 1911 Census sees Florence, aged 16, born in Paddington, working as a Housemaid in the household of John William Walker, a Preslytesian Minister, born in 1877 in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, and his wife Louisa Gibb Walker, 31, also from Fraserburgh. Gertrude Helen Heaps from Norwich, aged 28, is their cook.

The 1901 Census tells us that Florence is an orphan, along with 14 other girls living in Kensington Park Road. Edith Unite, born in 1895, might be her sister. Both are recorded as born in Kilburn. Nothing further on Edith. Arthur and Florence married during the first qtr of 1920 in Paddington. Their only child, Dennis S Fisher, was born 29 Dec 1922 in West Ham. He married Gladys V Earey in East Ham in 1952. Gladys was born locally (West Ham) in 1924, and I believe Dennis was still living at Pine Villa. His parents had bought it on May 13, 1949, from The Bradford Property Trust Ltd, having leased it for 10 years or more. Arthur died in Hampshire in 1979, as did Florence, in 1962. Dennis and Gladys Fisher probably inherited Pine Villa from Dennis' father Arthur. They sold it circa 1987 to a couple who lived there until 2022 before moving to Gidea Park.

The other occupant of Pine Villa in 1939, Harry Lobsenzer, is very interesting. He was born in Whitechapel in 1886 to Maritz Lobosenzer, 1845, and Matilda Lobsenzer, 1857. Matilda was made the beneficiary in the probate of Morris Israel Lobsenzer who died on 15 September 1908. Margaret Gibbons, born 15 June 1907, married Harry Lobsenzer during the 4th Qtr of 1941, and Israel Lobsenzer on the same date. In the first Qtr of 1913, Israel Lobsenzer had married Ernestine Marcus in Mile End Old Town. Clearly, Israel is Harry, maybe his birth name. Ernestine must have died before Harry re-married because he is listed as a widower in the 1939 Register. I didn’t find any children from either marriage. Pine Villa was convenient for Harry because he was a music seller at nearby 369, High Street North, East Ham, close to the Ruskin Arms (see above) It looks like he was a good entertainer too (see above) He died in March 1956 in Hackney. Margaret died in 1979 in Essex.

Returning to Harold Allinson Rollings. His middle name is his mother’s maiden name. He was born on 22 January 1891 in Hornsey. The 1891 Census for North Hill, Hornsey, tells us that his parents are Robert Rollings, aged 29, a Railway Clerk born in Herts, in Oct 1861, and Amy Louisa Rollings, also 29, born in Islington in July 1861. His siblings are: Walter R Rolling, born in 1884, Islington, and Violet Elsie Rollings, b.1889, Finsbury Park. The 1901 Census shows they have moved to Nicholson Road, Walthamstow. Edward John Rollings, b.1898, Islington, brings the family number to six. Robert is still a Railway Clerk, and for the 1911 Census too. Robert died on 26 Jan, 1929 in Luton, and Amy died in March 1942 in Essex. Harold was a 20 year old electric theatre attendant at the time of the 1911 Census.

He married Winifred May Boynton on 16 August 1914 at St Augustine Church, Fulham. Winifred was born on 1 September 1892 in Kilburn. She was the 2nd youngest of 9 children born to John Bateman Boynton, born 9 Aug 1848, Brompton, Middlesex, and Florence Ann Pearson born September 1851, Maidstone. Winifred F A Rollings was born in 1915 in Fulham, Doreen A Rollings in 1923 in West Ham, and Gladys P Rollings in 1925, also West Ham. Winifred died in March, 1933, in West Ham, aged just 40. Harold died in Sept 1965 in Waltham Forest.