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                                                        Shardan (Xia Dan) 夏丹 1938 - now

Shardan was born in 1938 as Liu Guihua 劉桂華. She made her first recording, Cuckoo 佈穀,  in 1956, at the age of 18. It was for the film "Peach Blossom". You can see this at Several recordings followed. There is an equally wonderful clip of her singing "Voices in the Valley"(空谷傳聲)at lovisblu's superb channel:

30 of her songs can be heard at which includes her duets with Yang Guang. It seems Shardan retired in the early 1970s. Her sister also made her last solo album in 1974 at the same age of 33. Shardan was invited onto RTHK Radio 5's oldies show "Xing Yue Zheng Hui" in December 2011 to talk about the past.