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                                                                         Thanh Thuý   December 2, 1943

Thanh Thuý was born Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy on December 2, 1943 in Thua Thien, Hue - into a family of 5 girls and a boy. Because her mother was terminally ill with tuberculosis, her family took her to Saigon for treatment and rented a small house in an alley on Cao Thang Street. In 1958, in order to earn a living and earn extra money for medicine for her mother, Thanh Thuy started singing at 15 years old. Her unique style of singing, with her husky, sensual singing voice in a very low register, was unlike most of her peers. Her distinct pronunciation was reminiscent of the Central Vietnamese dialect  in Hue. Her natural beauty giving her a regal stage presence

In June 1960, her mother died - a tragic experience for Thanh Thuý and her family. By then, Thanh Thuý had become a star at the cabarets throughout Saigon, starting at Duc Quynh Cabaret. Songwriters flocked to her. Trinh Cong Son wrote his first song, Uot Mi (Tear Drenched Eyelashes), particularly for Thanh Thuy. It was her vocal interpretations of Uot Mi which first brought his name to prominence. Trinh Cong Son then wrote another song for her entitled, Thuong Mot Nguoi (To Love Someone) Many other popular Vietnamese songs had been initially written specifically for Thanh Thuy's singing voice such as Hoang Thi Tho's "Loi Hat Ta On" (Lyrics of Thanks) and Ton That Lap's "Tieng Hat Ve Khuya" (Nocturnal Voice)

Her most famous collaboration was with songwriter Truc Phuong. One of her signature songs was Thuy Da Di Roi (Thuy Has Left), the theme song of a 1961 film of her life story directed and written by Nguyen Long. Poet Hoang Truc Ly wrote verses in praise of her singing, entitled "Sầu singer". Poet Vu Hoi wrote "... The golden voice of Hue warms the homeland." Professor Nguyễn Văn Trung called her "the song liêu lầu". Musician Tuan Huy called her "The melancholy of late night". Many saw her as the dream lover of a whole generation. She became known as Tieng Hat Lieu Trai (The Sultry Singing Voice) and many saw her as the dream lover of a whole generation. In 1962, Saigon's Trang Den Magazine voted her Hoa Hau Nghe Si (Beauty Queen Among Entertainers).

The magazine also placed her as the most popular singer of the year from 1972-1974. In 1970, she won the Kim Khanh Award for the best-selling female singer for the song "Duyen kiep hold ca ca" In 1972, she won two Kim Khanh awards for the most popular female singer of the year and the most popular TV show of the year. After April 30, 1975, she moved to the United States, starting her own music production label, and making video appearances on Thuy Nga Paris and Asia Productions. She had married On Van Tai in 1964. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force of the Republic of Vietnam Army. A lasting and harmonious marriage. They had one son, and in 1995, Thanh Thuy became a grandmother. A wonderful human being as well as a unique singer.

                       Thanh Thuý's garden - made for you by dom dom, hoa tim luc binh, and chiron.  :o) Bless you.

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