My Family History

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                    Thanh Tuyền   October 29, 1949 -

Thanh Tuyền was born on October 29, 1949 or 48 in Dalat City. Thanh Tuyền's famous sibling is Son Tuyền. Her family moved to Saigon where she attended Bui Thi Xuan and Le Van Duyet high school. At the age of 5, against the wishes of her parents, she studied music with an uncle. She later studied music under Mr. Manh Phat. She first sang publicly at Thong Nhat Theater in Saigon at the age of 7.

She received much praise, and the newspapers gave her the title, "Nhu Mai The Prodigy". "I only wanted to have a voice like the sound of a stream to bathe the masses", she later said, and that she had no musical influences because she just sang the way she feels. She loved playing guitar, dancing, and acting.

She signed a contract with Continental Records in 1964, and recorded the Chiều Mưa Biên Giới by Nguyen Van Dong, an early mentor of hers. Almost overnight, Thanh Tuyền became a household name. That same year, she received recording awards from South Vietnam's recording industry. In 1967, she began a life-long association of dueting with Che Linh. In 1978, Thanh Tuyen and her family moved to Washington DC and then to Houston, Texas.

Remembering her years on the road entertaining troops, singing at night clubs, on stages from central to south Vietnam, as well as in the USA and other countries, she said " each of the performances brings back a special memory that is forever inscribed in her heart, and that she feels the love in her audience on each of those occasions." Thanh Tuyen has two boys and two girls. Now turned 70, Thanh Tuyền is as active as ever!

Ky Doi Toi & Neu Mot Ngay  5m 53            Về Dưới Mái Nhà  ASIA 10  4m 30                     Kiếp Nghèo  3m 30

  Hoa Nở Về Đêm 5m35

      NHO NHAU HOAI   4m 31
         Thương đời hoa  3m 35

       Nửa đêm ngoài phố  2m35                 Chuyến tàu hoàng hôn  4m 39            Nỗi buồn hoa phượng  3m 55

Chiều mưa biên giới  5m 44 Asia 19           Nỗi Buồn Hoa Phượng  4m59                       Tnìh thư của lính  5m 16