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                                                                                    Tong Li  童丽

Tong Li is a pop music singer from Mainland China. She was born in Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province. She used traditional Chinese folk songs and softened the sound of modern pop music. She mainly sang Deng Lijun, Cai Qin, and old songs from the 1930s and 1940s. Gentle, watery, mellow, with a rich nostalgic style. In 2005, the first album "Singing to Sing" was published. In May 2008, the 24th album "Where is Love" was published. Currently signed in Guangzhou Wonderful Culture Communication Company.


     2005 "Singing to the Sing"
     June 2006, "Love me, don't go," Guangdong audiovisual
     May 2008 "Where is Love?"
     June 2008 "Acacia Tears"
     November 2008 "Jun Zai Lai IV" Jiuzhou audiovisual
     March 2010 "Impression" Jiuzhou audiovisual
     June 2010 "Poetry Song" Wonderful Sound Company
     May 2011 "Opera Classics"
     January 2012, "Love"
     2017 Top Ten Cantonese Songs