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                                                          Tuấn Ngọc - 4 October 1947

Tuấn Ngọc was born in Da Lat, Vietnam; in an artistic-traditioned family. His siblings are all well-known singers in Vietnam during the 1990s, including singer Khánh Hà (1952). He start singing at the age of 4, when he sang in children's radio programs. At the age of 13, he followed older artists to sing at American clubs during its sparse period in Saigon.

By the end of 1960s, when the movement of young music flourished, Tuấn Ngọc began performing English songs, from which he gained popularity. By the early 1970s, he participated in the two biggest bands at that time, The Strawberry Four and The Top Five.

After 1975, Tuấn Ngọc left his home country and settled in Southern California. Some time later he moved to Hawaii and performed for many clubs and hotels here. By the mid-1980s he returned to California and began to succeed. In 1994, he married oversea singer Thái Thảo.

Tuấn Ngọc is famous for his lyrical songs. Throughout his career, he has gained appreciation from the professionals as well as the admiration of the music-loving public Trịnh Công Sơn considers Tuấn Ngọc as the best male vocalist among artists singing his songs. In the 2000s, he is considered by many people as a "monumental" male vocalist of Vietnamese new music. Many singers from later generations have cited him as an influence, including Quang Dũng, Trần Thái Hòa.

He recently returned to Vietnam to perform periodically and recorded two albums: "Hãy Yêu Nhau Đi 2" and "Chiều nay không có em". His first official concert took place in early April 2006 at Sheraton Saigon Hotel with about 500 audiences. In 2013, his liveshow In the Spotlight Program No. 1: Private Corner took place over three nights at Hanoi Opera House.
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