My Family History

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                           Winnie Wei ( Wei Xiuxian )  韋秀嫻  1932 - 

 Wei Xiuxian was born in Shanghai in 1932. "Xiu" and "Xian" both mean elegant and refined, and Winnie certainly lived up to her name. She moved to Hong Kong in 1949, with the coming of the new regime in China. She recorded many songs during her time in Hong Kong and sang in several Shaw Brothers films, as well as making TV appearances. The 1950s and 1960s was a magical time in Hong Kong.

Winnie has a soprano voice with a fine range, and not surprisingly, she passed on her musical skills to students. She taught at the Hong Kong Academy of Music, the ATV Arts training classes and Swallow Art Institute. In 1989 she moved to Toronto, Canada where she continued teaching. ;  "Teach me how to miss him" (1960)  3m58