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                             Wu Yingyin  1922 - 2009

The background song is Wu singing Nightingale Song from 1947. A very special song for me personally. It is 256 kbps which is high mp3 quality. If you wish to stop this music, please go to the foot of this page and adjust the small player accordingly.

Wu was born in Shanghai in 1922, her father an engineer and her mother a doctor. She became known as the Queen of the Nasal Voice, and EMI signed her in 1946. Wu was one of the seven great singing stars of China in the 1930s/40s. She died on Dec 17, 2009 in Los Angeles.


Wu Ying-yin was born in Shanghai, a senior intellectuals family, her father was a chemical engineer , and her mother an obstetrics and gynecology physician. She liked to sing a little, often listening to radio song program. Her singing talent, as long as the radio broadcast songs she listen to will be humming.

After graduating from high school, Wu Ying-yin originally intended to apply for the Shanghai Music Institute, but her parents were strongly opposed. The mother wanted her to inherit the mantle, put on a white coat to practice medicine in the future. Her father criticized her "no ambition, who refused to make good reading". In this regard, Wu Ying-yin figure out angrily, she went to a primary school became Jiaoshu Jiang became a music and English teacher. But at night, she went to radio singing, doing children's programs.

The 26-year-old that year and Wu Ying-yin the first album oppose daughter singing father was like the songs, buy the album to hear of the Wu Ying-yin also admired, and I did not know his daughter sing. After a career in pop music, go out quietly without telling his family to sing it enticing too chill formerly known renamed. People think her voice is sweet wonderful such as the oriole Valley Ying-yin is the name, and therefore use the term "Wu Ying-yin" is the stage name because she insisted we go back to own "Miss" surname.

Wu Ying-yin and his friends to a nightclub in 1945 songs Xiao night, to coax owners came to power a guest to a become a turning point of her entering the music scene at a friend, applause furore strengthen the confidence of her concert, finally accepted, club hire and became a singer, she sings self-study, when professional singers start Toushi Buxiu vocal.

Year, 24-year-old Wu Ying-yin participated in the Shanghai famous Ciro's nightclub singing contest. Star lineup, singers like clouds in the fierce competition, she come to the fore, triumphed in one fell swoop. Following Zhou Xuan after she became a shining red star, and soon became the EMI record company signed singer. Since then, she's toured Shanghai " Ciro "," Paramount "," Dahu "famous dance hall.

High singing talent, interests and rich Wu Ying-yin, her father no longer interfere laid her singing career. To record a solo album in 1948: "I want to forget you" , a record, not only can not forget you, and quickly became popular popular singer.

Wu Ying-yin singing distinctive flavor and hearty with a twang, and specializes in the song lyric Resentment. "Moon send." One after her audition, will be red. From the 1946 start of the short period of 3 years, "one hundred generation" recording Wu Orioles tone of the "Ever since married a you "spring infinite good" , "heartbroken red" over 30 songs, music distribution, almost the first the first popular; same time Wu Ying-yin also laid a "superstar" in Chinese Mandarin pop songs.

In 1955, Wu Ying-yin Shanghai People's Radio Station broadcast choir received formal vocal training, she's singing to the next level, the more hearty tone, more full flavor

1957 , has been relocated to the EMI record company in Hong Kong to invite her to Hong Kong, recorded a "southerly" , "red light green wine night" and other songs. Wu Ying-yin sang the song series LP EMI ยท China era song title Code by the fans loved and welcome. Wu Ying-yin comeback in pop music, the great event of the Chinese pop music.

In 1983 , she was again invited should the EMI record company, south Guangzhou recordings "Hello! Wu Ying-yin ". After 50 years, "twang song" Wu Ying-yin, may be regarded as active in the worldwide music scene, one of the oldest singer. In July 1984, she went to the United States via Hong Kong to settle in Los Angeles, Pasadena City dignity.

On December 17, 2009, in Los Angeles, in the United States, Wu died at the age of eighty-seven