My Family History

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                     Ye Pei  叶蓓  March 12, 1974

Ye Pei was born in Beijing on March 12, 1974 into a musical family. She started to learn the piano at the age of 7, and later entered the China Conservatory, after graduating from high school. She was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Music, and received a bachelor's degree in vocal music.


By 1994, she was playing piano and singing karaoke in hotels and bars. Her campus ballad style impressed Gao Xiaosong, and her recording career was soon underway. She became Wheatfield Studio's first female singer in 1996, recording her first album in September 1997.  In May 1998, she sang the Chinese version of the theme song "meditation" for the Disney animated film "Mulan". 

It has been said of Ye Pei's third individual album that she brings listeners so close to her that they could actually smell her fragrance. On April 10, 2010, Ye Pei and her long-time boyfriend Yao got married in Beijing. is a 10 min interview with Ye Pei which you can also watch here ( second video from the bottom in the list opposite )