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                           Zhou Xuan  周璇     Aug 1,1918 or 1920 – Sept 22, 1957 

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The voice of Old Shanghai. China's 'Golden Voice' was one of the most popular and important actress/singers of the 1930s and 40s. She made more than 40 movies and recorded 200 songs. She was born Su Pu into a poor family in Changzhou, on August 1st in either 1918 or 1920. At the age of three, she was taken to a family named Wang in Jintan Country. Her name was changed to Wang Xiaohong. Later, she was sent to a family named Zhou in Shanghai and renamed Zhou Xiaohong.

At the age of thirteen, she took Zhou Xuan (beautiful jade) as her stage name. She married Yan Hua in 1938, but their marriage ended in 1941. They had no children. She was eventually to have 2 sons, Zhou Min, who was the eldest, and Zhou Wei who was born just before her death in 1957. She spent her entire life searching for her biological parents but her parentage was never established, until after her tragic death on September 22, 1957 in a mental asylum. A possible cause of death may have been encephalitis following a nervous breakdown.

Her personal life had been a sad one, but she left a timeless legacy - a true legend. She never knew true happiness and longevity in marriage or in love. She never saw her 40th birthday. But the warmth and gold she gave to millions will stay with us forever. 

Filmography (1935-1953)

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Children of Trouble Times (1935) Anthurium Night (1935) Tomboy (1936) Street Angel (1937) ... Xiao Hong  Li San Niang (1939)

The West Chamber (1940)  Romance of Su San (1940) Wandering Songstress (1941) Daughter of the Fisherman (1943)

Dream of the Red Mansions (1944)  You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947) ... Yu Bihua  An All-Consuming Love (1947) ... Li Xiangmei

Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan (1947)  Night Inn (1947)  Sorrows of the Forbidden City (1948)  Song of a Songstress (1948) ... Zhu Lan/Liu Ma

Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948) ... Zhou Ying  Waste Not Our Youth (1949) ... Ah Xie/Fairy

                                                The Flower Street (1950) ... Daping / Xiao Hu's daughter  Rainbow Rhythms (1953)

Daughter of the Fisherman 漁家女周

         Shanghai Night  夜上海

 One's Young Life Like a Flower 

   Where To Find  知音何處尋

          Funeral Flowers  葬花

          Crazy World  瘋狂世界

        Infatuation  一片痴情

Truth, goodness and beauty真善美

       Gao Gang Shang  高崗上

          Spring Alley   陋巷之春

         Four  Seasons  四季歌

      Unrequited Youth  莫負青春
      Sauvignon Blanc  長相思

Prayer in the Moonlight - not live

                   Two Roads